Heritage Badlander Now Available in 20 Gauge and .410


Badlander (Heritage Manufacturing)

Heritage Manufacturing Co. have announced additions to their Badlander side by side shotgun range. Joining their 12 gauge are new .410 and 20 gauge versions. The Badlanders have a pair of 18.5-inch barrels with a black oxide finish and a walnut stock. The guns have an overall length of 35 inches and weigh in at around 100 ounces unloaded. They have brass front bead sights and tang safeties. The new Badlanders join their Barkeep and Rough Rider revolver lines and their Settler lever-action and Rancher revolving rifles. Heritage Manufacturing Co. did not include an MSRP for the two new shotguns in their announcement but the 12 gauge version of the Badlander has an MSRP of $893.99.

Heritage Manufacturing @ TFB:

Heritage Badlander Now Available in 20 Gauge and .410

In the spirit of innovation and homage to the iconic firearms of the Old West, Heritage Manufacturing proudly introduces the latest evolution of the Heritage Badlander.

Once synonymous with the thunderous power of the 12-gauge side-by-side, the Badlander now expands its repertoire, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to wield the classic elegance and formidable performance in 20 gauge and .410 calibers.

Crafted with the same dedication to authenticity and durability, the new Badlander features two 18.5-inch barrels adorned with a modern, corrosion-resistant black oxide coating, while maintaining the timeless simplicity of its design. Nestled on fine walnut wood stock, the sturdy brass bead sight beckons, offering precision and confidence with every shot.

Embodying the spirit of the Old West, the tang-mounted two-position safety ensures swift accessibility, while the twin triggers invite shooters to unleash the full potential of this legendary firearm. Whether for home defense, cowboy action shooting, or simply to relive the frontier spirit, the Badlander stands ready, embodying the essence of the Wild West.

Availability: The Heritage Badlander series in 20 gauge and .410 calibers is now available at select retailers and through Heritage Manufacturing’s official website, www.heritagemfg.com.

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