1,000 Yards In Two Days

Update your long-range shooting skills in a short weekend.A brand-new world record was recently set in the King of Two Miles competition—this time crowning...

Couples Counseling For Concealed Carriers

If you’re a concealed carrier and have a partner, you could both likely benefit from practicing more effective communication in high-stress environments.Being an effective...

Banging Away With Range Time Targets

Range Time Targets … full-throttle purveyors of that sweet, sweet PING! The sweet sound of PING! Once you’ve experienced it, you can’t get enough of...

An Empty Gun Is Useless: Mastering Speed Reloads

If you don’t want to be caught with an empty gun, it’s time to master the administrative, tactical and speed reloads.The reloading of a...

LAPD’s D-Platoon Shotgun Qualification

A while back we looked at LAPD’s D-Platoon handgun qualification. If you are not familiar, D-Platoon is LAPD’s SWAT unit. Their shooting standards are...




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