Concealed Carry

SIG P365 Rose Review: The Pistol’s Petals And Thorns

The New SIG P365 Rose is more than a pistol angled to arm women. It's a complete firearms system.SIG Sauer released one of the...

The .380 ACP Glock 28 Is Now Available Stateside

The much-desired Glock 28 in .380 ACP is finally available in the U.S. thanks to domestic manufacturing.It goes without saying that Glocks are the...

First Look: Bond Arms Cyclops .45-70 Gov’t

Looking for a little gun with a big bite? The new Bond Arms Cyclops chambered for .45-70 Gov’t might be just for you.Bond Arms...

First Look: Girsan MC 14T Tip-Up Pistol

EAA has just announced the Girsan MC 14T, a new .380 ACP pistol import with a tip-up barrel design.The European American Armory Corporation, or...

The Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Curious about alternate carry methods and strategies for regular people? Look no further than the concealed carry fanny pack.Recent years have seen a massive...




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