Gun Review: FN SCAR 15P Pistol in 5.56 NATO

Next Post Coming Soon...▶ With its complete lack of a stock and a 7.5″ barrel, the FN SCAR 15P is the best pistol in its...

Prodigious Pistola: Springfield Prodigy DS Review

Double-stack, 9mm and based on Browning’s classic design, the Springfield Prodigy DS ups the ante in the 1911 game.John Browning’s 1911 pistol design might...

6 Best Bullpup Shotgun Options For Compact Defense

Updated 5/26/2023There's no need to go full-sized in a defensive smoothbore with bullpup shotguns around. We give you six of the best to guard...

Things That Don’t Suck: Xtech Tactical MTX 365 +3 Magazine Extension for P365

Next Post Coming Soon...▶ The main draw of the Xtech Tactical MTX 365 +3 baseplate for your SIG SAUER P365 is the same draw of...

Friday Night Lights: FLIR See Spot III (AN/PAS-21) Long Range MWIR Thermal

Lately, I have been on a thermal device kick. Last week we took a close look at a BAE RED-I which allows the user...




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