LARRY KUDLOW: Stormy Daniels' testimony was done deliberately to sully Trump's reputation


You may be noticing we’re not rushing to cover the downtown Trump trial and the appearance of a certain porn actress. 

Why? Because she has nothing to do with the charges concerning business records in furtherance of a crime yet to be defined by the Alvin Bragg prosecutors. The porn actress has nothing to do with this. Nothing!

There was a non-disclosure agreement funded by Trump’s personal money, neither of which is illegal: not the personal money, nor the non-disclosure agreement. In fact, the prosecutors haven’t even stipulated yet that Mr. Trump was connected with the payment for the non-disclosure agreement. 


The sole purpose of today’s actress witness is to create a salacious story atmosphere, done deliberately to sully Mr. Trump’s reputation and bias the jury toward convicting him. Even the judge has acknowledged so-called “salacious” information shouldn’t be allowed, but of course, he allowed it anyway. 

Today’s testimony by a certain actress should have been inadmissible as every fair and right-thinking person knows. Team Trump is asking for a mistrial and they are absolutely right. This is an insane political lawfare trial, driven by the Biden administration, and in fact, some former Biden Justice Department prosecutors are running this case. 


This is nothing but 2024 election interference in an effort to keep Mr. Trump tied up in court so he cannot campaign against the hapless Joe Biden. None of this should have happened in the first place. Not the trial, not certainly the actress testifying. These are transparently evil actions orchestrated, in my view, by the Biden administration, from the top all the way down. 

Tragically, these lawfare actions, this two-tiered justice system, this attempt to sully Mr. Trump, is also a damaging blow to the prestige and glory of the United States of America — a blow to our freedom. 

This is a sordid period of history, and it reminds us all why Joe Biden must be retired from his office. Therefore, in our little way, I choose to give no currency to today’s witness fiasco. We have other fish to fry. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the May 7, 2024, edition of “Kudlow.” 

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