TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15


The AR-15 is a solid platform. Its performance and ease of use has made it the most popular rifle in America. There’s another reason for this. These rifles are so easy to customize, everyone can feel like a gunsmith for a few hours. Many of the aftermarket accessories available to these “gunsmiths” seek to solve a problem, and today, we’ll look at one such product. This is the surprisingly erect Kung Fu Grip from Die Free Co.

AR Grips @ TFB:

Kung Fu Grip: Specifications

  • Material: Nylon
  • Grip angle: 12 degrees
  • Colors: Black, FDE, Grey, Olive Drab
  • Price: $20

Out of the Bag

Immediately, half of the people who saw the main image decided they hated the Kung Fu grip. For whatever reason, grip angle has become a huge point of debate. While most argue about which is right, the rest of us understand that, like most furniture, it depends on your application. Over the last few years, more shooters have leaned toward dramatically vertical grip angles for various reasons.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

The Kung Fu Grip is exactly that. It sits at a 12-degree angle, sending shivers through the spines of the A2 apologists. This one is black, but other colors will be available soon, including Flat Dark Earth, Grey, and Olive Drab Green. The texture is what Die Free calls “retro texture”. The squiggles and circles are reminiscent of Saved By The Bell, which I refuse to consider retro, as that would make me retro. The bottom of the grip is open, saving weight, but deleting your storage option, if that matters to you.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

Kung Fu Fighting

I had two guns that I wanted to try these on. The first is a 16” frankenbuild that has been evolving since I first began writing for TFB. It’s now made of a Liberty Bell Firearms lower, the same late-2000s Stag upper, Ripcord Industries rail, and a Ballistic Advantage barrel. The stock is a B5, and optics have been various, though it always ends up back with the AEMS.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

This rifle and I go way back, so changing something as familiar as a grip was going to lead to some noticeable differences. The one most apparent to me came after the first few boxes of ammo. I injured my right wrist when I was a dumb teenager. After a few hours of a severe grip angle, like an A2, I notice fatigue setting in. Then it’s the twisting and popping of my wrist for the next couple of days. This doesn’t appear to be an issue with the Kung Fu. The angle matches the natural direction of my grip when I’m in perfect alignment.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

The texture performed just fine. I didn’t notice any specific slipping or sticking, so it’s fair to say it does the job, all while reminding you that Kelly Kapowski exists. If you like really sinking down into your stock and leaning in, maybe a different angle would be better. It is the most comfortable with a more modern, upright stance and optics heights. 

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

Thankfully, I already have a gun set up for that. I put a Kung Fu on my Foxtrot Mike MIKE-9 with a Lead & Steel LP-1 on a Unity riser and SB Tactical SBA3 brace. Tact Wrap is just for flavor. I shoot this PCC with my head upright and the bottom of the brace just below my collarbone. With this positioning, the Kung Fu sits in my hand like a frosty beer; both comfortable and comforting. For me, it feels like shooting a 1911 after years of only shooting Glocks.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

I find that having my wrist in such a natural position makes consistency easier to achieve. I find my dot much quicker because I’m not fighting angles or my own training scars. The finger groove is comfortable and works well as an index point, further promoting consistency. 

Wushu or Wish You Never Bought It?

I think Die Free Co did something great here. Not that the grip is anything magical, but if you like more vertical grips, and you’re looking for a stylish and well-made example, this is it. If you like it, and want it on more of your guns, you can pick up as many as you want. The 20-dollar price tag is very appealing and adds to my excitement for what else Die Free Co will be producing.

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

The Kung Fu is also a great option for you NVG boys. Much of the night vision gang uses higher-than-normal optics mounts, requiring steeper grips. 

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

Losing the storage space is a little bit of a bummer, with an emphasis on little. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the stuff in my storage-friendly grips. Still, I like the option. Maybe a plug with storage will come directly from Die Free. 

TFB Review: The Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip for AR-15

For 20 smackers, I say pick one up and try it. If you don’t want it, sell it to me! I’ve put these on almost all of my guns. To get it from the horse’s mouth, hit up the Die Free Co’s website. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Twitter. Grip it and rip it!

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