Q Approved: Walther PPK, PPK/S Return in Classic .32 ACP!


There’s classic, and then there’s the the shaken not stirred, 7.65mm, James Bond pistol classic, known the world over as the PPK. The Walther PPK/S makes its long-awaited return in .32 ACP, delivering a perfect combination for serious concealed carry use.

Walther PPK/S .32 ACP Returns

The vintage-inspired pistol pays homage to the iconic Walther PPK lineage. It brings all that unique sophistication, mated with performance in an EDC platform. The PPK, or Police Pistol Kriminal, debuted more than 80 years ago. It became a mainstay for practical carry for civilians and as a backup or undercover piece with officer.

Now Walther renews that original inspiration, matched for modern performance in a functional, if nostalgic, .32 ACP chambering.

“Few guns have withstood the test of time like the PPK,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “To this day, it’s still one of the most sought after concealed carry pistols on the market, which serves as a true testament to Walther’s long-enduring legacy. We have no doubt bringing back the historic PPK/S in .32 ACP will make our consumers, plus overall fans of the world’s most renowned secret agent, extremely excited too.”

For more info, visit waltherarms.com.

Walther PPK/S .32 ACP Features

  •  Fixed front and rear sights
  •  Top strap is cut with a wave to reduce glare
  •  Double or single action trigger
  •  PPK/S frame option for the “sport” version with a longer grip
  •  Rear slide serrations brings a non-slip grip and classic Walther styling
  •  Hammer Drop Decocking Safety for confident, safe handling
  •  Beaver tail extension improves shooting comfort and stability
  •  Classic checkered panel grip
  •  Magazine with finger rest
Walther PPK

Walther PPK/S .32 ACP Specs

Model PPK Stainless PPK Black PPK/S Stainless PPK/S Black
Caliber .32 ACP .32 ACP .32 ACP .32 ACP
Finish Stainless Black Stainless Black
Magazines 2 2 2 2
Barrel (Length-Twist) 3.3″-1/10 3.3″-1/10 3.3″-1/10 3.3″-1/10
Trigger Pull (DA/SA) 13.4/6.1 Lbs. 13.4/6.1 Lbs. 13.4/6.1 Lbs. 13.4/6.1 Lbs.
Capacity 6 rounds 6 rounds 7 rounds 7 rounds
Overall Length 6.1″ 6.1″ 6.1″ 6.1″
Height 3.8″ 3.8″ 4.3″ 4.3″
Width 1: 1″ 1″ 1″
Sight Radius 4.3″ 4.3″ 4.3″ 4.3″
Weight 22.1 oz. 22.1 oz. 19 oz. 19 oz.

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