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On the cover: SIG Sauer Cross Magnum: By David M. Fortier, Executive Editor 

When it was introduced a few years back, SIG Sauer’s Cross rifle excited many with its looks, features and price. Here was a lightweight bolt-action rifle with all the positive features of a modern AR. Visually, the Cross stood out from the crowd. It has a handguard like an AR, a magazine well like an AR, and a safety like an AR. Plus, it is short, very light, and features a handy side-folding stock. In the hands, the rifle feels very lively, it is quick to the shoulder and swings easily and its light weight makes it easy to tote on long treks. The Cross makes a good hunting companion, and many took note of this interesting design. It wasn’t long before many hunters out West began pining for a Cross with a bit more impact on target at longer ranges than the short-action cartridges provided. While the .308 Win and 6.5mm Creedmoor work well for the ranges most in the country hunt out, out west, the ranges can get a mite longer. Many desired a SIG Sauer Cross rifle, but chambered in a flatter shooting and harder hitting magnum cartridge. SIG Sauer responded with their new Cross Magnum. 

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Also inside:


  • The Taurus GX4 Carry: Maximal minimalist 9mm EDC pistol. By Patrick Sweeney
  • The FN FAL: Is this the world’s best 7.62x51mm battle rifle? By Leroy Thompson
  • The Tisas PX-9 Duty Night Stalker: Affordable performance, with style. By James Tarr
  • 5.45x39mm and 7.62x39mm: Going the way of the dodo bird? By David M. Fortier, Executive Editor 
  • Red Dot Mounting from the Experts: By James Tarr
  • Franchi’s Momentum All-Terrain: A scout by any other name. By James Tarr
  • Swampfox Optics: Warhorse 1-6x24mm LPVO. By David M. Fortier, Executive Editor
  • Beretta 93R: Italy’s Cold War, controlled-burst machine pistol. By Pierangelo Tendas

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