WrestleMania 40: Logan Paul fends off Kevin Owens, Randy Orton to retain US Championship


Logan Paul had one of his toughest tasks yet: defend the United States Championship against two greats in the WWE at WrestleMania 40. On Sunday, he delivered.

“The Maverick” put together a WrestleMania moment for the ages as he pinned Kevin Owens and took care of Randy Orton in the process.

“Sorry, Randy. New era, I told you,” Paul said as he left the ring.

Paul entered the match on the back of a Prime truck. His drink was a primary sponsor for WrestleMania. He had a mysterious person dressed in a Prime bottle behind him. Last year, it was KSI who helped Paul in his match against Seth Rollins.

Owens and Orton started off slamming Paul on the Spanish announce table. They stomped his legs and his arms. But they both went for the pin attempt and came to the conclusion that they were going to have to start beating up each other.

Orton came to that realization first as he tried hit Owens with an RKO. Owens blocked it, but the fight was on. Paul got back to his feet and hit a clothesline lariat over the ropes.

Paul showed off his athleticism multiple times – hitting a Swanton on Owens and then rolled through to splash on Orton. Still, he couldn’t get the fall. Orton then challenged Paul to an uppercut contest. Paul put Orton down onto one knee as he faced boos from the fans.


Logan Paul attacked

Owens tried to get back into the match, but Orton kept his head on a swivel. “The Viper” was in control – at least for a moment. It had been 18 long months since Orton could have another WrestleMania moment. Orton got both men onto the apron and hit a double DDT as his competitors were placed onto the middle rope.

Owens nearly had his chance after suplexing Paul from the middle rope and then hitting a moonsault. But to no avail, Paul kicked out. Out of nowhere, Orton hit the RKO. Owens kicked out.

All men were out of breath, hoping something had to give.

Paul got back into the ring with brass knuckles on his hand. He then clocked Orton after a tussle. He went for the pin, but “The Apex Predator” kicked out once again. As Paul tried to get Orton to his feet, another RKO was hit. Owens was knocked down outside the ring.

Orton was going for a kick to Paul’s face when the Prime mascot pulled Paul out of the ring. The Prime bottle was revealed to be streamer IShowSpeed. Orton, angered, took the streamer and delivered an RKO on the announce table.

IShowSpeed at WrestleMania 40

Paul took advantage with Orton’s back turned. Owens hit a pop-up powerbomb, and Paul and a stunner on Orton. Owens covered Orton but again only got a two count.

Owens tried to hit a pop-up powerbomb once more, but Orton countered with an RKO. Paul took advantage and threw Orton out of the ring. He hit a Frog Splash on Owens and pinned him for the win.

Paul retained the United States Championship and picked up another viral WrestleMania moment.

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