'The Fall Guy' star Emily Blunt admits kissing certain costars made her want to throw up


Emily Blunt is ready to kiss and tell.

The British actress spoke candidly about how chemistry with a costar does not always equate to fondness. 

“I’ve had chemistry with people I haven’t liked. At all,” she shared on “The Howard Stern Show.”


“Who?” Stern inquired.

“I’m not gonna tell you,” Blunt answered. Working in the film industry for more than two decades, Blunt has starred opposite many big names, including Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow,” Colin Firth in “Arthur Newman” and Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau.” She also costarred alongside husband John Krasinski in “A Quiet Place,” although their characters did not technically lock lips on camera. 

Emily Blunt in a white dress on the Oscars carpet with husband John Krasinski

“I have had chemistry with people who…I have not had a good time working with them,” she added, without disclosing their identity. 

“Sometimes it’s a strange thing. Sometimes you could really, really like someone, and you could be pals, and you could have a rapport that’s really effortless, but it doesn’t translate onscreen and chemistry is this strange thing. It’s an ethereal thing that you can’t really bottle up and buy or sell. It’s like there or it’s not.”


Emily Blunt in a red strapless dress soft smiles on the carpet with Tom Cruise in a black suit and tie
Colin Firth in a dark suit looks slightly over his shoulder as Emily Blunt in black looks up at him lovingly
Emily Blunt in a peach ruffled dress laughs with Matt Damon in a black suit and shirt and eyeglasses

However, Blunt said “you can manufacture” the chemistry to some extent. “It’s just easier when you have a natural rapport with someone,” she explained. “My feeling is I’ve got to find something I love about everybody. I have to find something … Even if it’s one thing,” she emphasized.

“It might be like they have a nice laugh…or I like how they speak to people. They’re polite,” she offered as examples. “I mean, it might be something random, but find something you love about that person or something you love about them as the character…And then kind of lean into that.”

Emily Blunt looks serious on the carpet in a red halter dress and gold chain necklace

“Have you ever had to kiss someone on screen and you wanted to throw up? Like it was that bad,” Stern asked.

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Blunt confessed.

Stern dug deeper, asking, “Do you go home and shower and, like, just try to get it out of your mind? I can’t imagine.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s sort of extreme loathing,” she said with a brief laugh. “But I’ve definitely not enjoyed some of it.”

Ryan Gosling in a dark red shirt and suit looks stoic on the camera with a smiling Emily Blunt in a white patterned dress

Blunt’s latest costar is Ryan Gosling, whom she stars alongside in the upcoming film, “The Fall Guy.” Of Gosling, Blunt said she feels “very lucky to be friends with a gem of a person like him.”

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