Sen. Kennedy torches Biden over anti-Israel campus protests: These 'jackwagons' could be stopped 'on a dime'


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., slammed President Biden for his response to the violent anti-Israel protests, warning the “jackwagons” partaking in the demonstrations will continue to wreak havoc until they are stopped. Kennedy joined “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to discuss how Biden’s response to the pro-Palestinian protests has garnered criticism from both sides of the political aisle. 


JOHN KENNEDY: It should not go unnoticed that President Biden has the ability to stop all of this on a dime. All he’s got to do is call the college presidents and say, look, if you don’t get control of your campuses, I’m going to withhold your federal money. The president hasn’t done that. The moral of the story is you’re never… too old to suck. The reason he hasn’t done that is because of politics. CNN just came out with a poll. It said that 52% of likely voters in America will not vote for President Biden under any circumstance, any circumstances… They would vote for the guy who salts the fries at McDonald’s before they would vote for President Biden, and the White House knows this, so they’re scared to alienate the not insubstantial, Hamas wing of the Democratic Party. 


What you allow is what will continue. If you allow… these jackwagons on the college campuses to continue to do what they’re doing, they’re going to continue to do what they’re doing.

College Democrats of America, the official student arm of the Democratic Party, have criticized the Biden administration’s policy towards the war in Gaza while praising the anti-Israel protesters on college campuses who they say have been wrongly labeled as hateful by certain politicians and MAGA Republicans.

In a statement released on Tuesday following the overnight capture of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University, the group described agitators as “heroic” for their actions as dozens of colleges came under siege by Palestinian flag-carrying demonstrators who are calling for a ceasefire in the war and for their respective universities to divest from Israel.  

“Since the beginning of this conflict, College Democrats and students from every walk of life have had the moral clarity to see this war for what it is: destructive, genocidal, and unjust,” the statement released by the group’s executive board reads. The statement was written largely by the organization’s Muslim Caucus, The New York Times reports. 

“We commend the bravery of students across the country who have been willing to endure arrests, suspension, and threats of expulsion to stand up for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people.”

“The end of the conflict and release of hostages is a goal we should all share as Americans in pursuit of a more just international community.”


The group says it also denounced an uptick in both antisemitism and Islamophobia in colleges but added that the calling for the freedom of Palestinians is not antisemitic “and neither is opposing the genocidal acts of the far-right radical extremist Israeli government.”

“We condemn those politicians, like MAGA Republicans and many other lawmakers for smearing all protesters as hateful; when according to reports, the overwhelming majority of protests are peaceful; we’ve witnessed the celebration of Passover, protection of those praying, as well as beautiful singing and dancing for peace together,” the group added. “Our position is clear: we stand with those protesting for peace and we find all calls for violence, such as those against Jewish and Muslim students, wrong; those spreading hate have no place in the movement for peace.”

The statement came after a chaotic night at Columbia University where Hamilton Hall, an academic building used by the dean and other senior offices, was taken over by an angry mob who renamed the building “Hind’s Hall” by placing a banner over the facility. Hind Rajab was a 6-year-old who died during Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza, per a statement apparently from the group that was posted on X.

A wave of anti-Israel protests has swept U.S. college campuses and dozens of arrests have been made at Columbia, Harvard, Yale and the University of Texas at Austin.

Fox News’ Michael Dorgan contributed to this report.

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