Self-Defense Shooting Leaves One Dead in San Antonio Home Invasion


SAN ANTONIO, TX – A late-night home invasion on the east side of San Antonio ended in a fatal shooting, with police deeming the incident an act of self-defense. The confrontation took place in a residence on the 3300 block of Martin Luther King Drive, near I-10, around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Upon arrival, San Antonio Police discovered a 59-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his stomach, lying just a few feet from the front door. Despite immediate efforts by first responders, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial investigations reveal that the deceased had forcibly entered the home, attacking a 27-year-old male resident. The younger man, fearing for his life, retaliated by shooting the intruder. After a thorough review, authorities concluded that the shooting was an act of self-defense, leading to the release of the resident who fired the fatal shot.

Additionally, police noted that a house across the street may have been struck by stray bullets during the incident, though fortunately, no further injuries were reported.

The tragic outcome of this confrontation underscores the stark realities faced by individuals protecting their homes. While the loss of life is always regrettable, this incident highlights the legal rights homeowners have to defend themselves under dire circumstances. The San Antonio Police continue their investigation into the events leading up to the shooting.

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