JESSE WATTERS: This will be an all-out war by Biden’s alliance against the American people


Fox News host Jesse Watters shares how he believes the lead-up to election night 2024 will go Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Now, the Biden alliance, consisting of politically correct sheep with coastal degrees, federal bureaucrats, the deep state, Androids and Big Tech and the media tribe, whose greatest fear is social banishment, are going to run this election like a military campaign. Right now, as we speak, Washington is erecting a fence around the Capitol in anticipation of Biden’s State of the Union tomorrow. Not a fence around the border, a fence around Biden, who thinks he needs protection from you while he doesn’t provide protection from them. Now, this fence is a sinister symbol to stigmatize half the country’s dangerous to justify his crackdown. 


Even though we outnumber them, they’re powerful and will overwhelm you with shame from now until November. They’ll call you names, treat you like ogres, threaten you, threaten your job, your family, your status. This will be an all-out war by Biden’s alliance against the American people in the name of saving democracy, which is the most cynical part of this. They’ll try to separate you from your senses, your instincts, from your conscience. You know what’s right and wrong, but they’ll get in between you and your heart, and they’ll make you doubt it.


This election will not be about policy. That’s the last thing they want it to be. It’ll be a bloodsport, the ugliest campaign in American history. Now, usually it’s the politician who gets destroyed, but now they’re targeting you. So prepare yourself and stay strong. 

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