Heidi Klum, 50, believes age difference with husband Tom Kaulitz, 34, is criticized out of ‘spitefulness’


Heidi Klum is used to getting hateful remarks about her marriage to her younger husband, but she’s now revealing what she believes is people’s “big issue” with her relationship.

For the latest cover story for Glamour Germany, Klum, 50, delved into the negativity she’s received since marrying Tom Kaulitz, 34, in 2019.

“I think it’s often just spitefulness,” she told the outlet of the origin of people’s disapproval. “Perhaps many people also think I’ve had too much luck in life. I have a great job, I get to travel the world, I can buy expensive things. And now I’ve also got myself such a great man.”


Klum added, “Maybe people don’t begrudge me that. Nowadays, people are rightly extremely careful about everything they say – except age shaming. People continue to criticize [in that respect].”

Heidi told the magazine that she typically responds to people’s questions about the age gap in her marriage with, “How should I answer that?”

“I’m 50 and no longer 20. I’m not a young girl who hasn’t experienced anything yet or has no idea about life,” she continued. “Time won’t stand still for me and Tom will never catch up with me. I’ll always be 16 years older, and I’m aware of that.”

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum
Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum kissing

Klum acknowledged the fact that she will eventually “look older than him sooner.”

“Maybe it will be a problem for me in 10 years’ time, maybe he won’t like it then,” she said. “In 20 years, I’ll be 70. I usually plan for the future – but with my husband, I live in the here and now.”

For Glamour Germany’s cover photo shoot, Klum posed in a satin white Elenareva dress and big white fluffy angel wings, which went from her head to her toes. The look was reminiscent of the classic Victoria’s Secret Angel ensemble she wore for several years.

Heidi Klum's Glamour Germany cover and Heidi Klum in a black dress at the Grammys


“Wow my wings still fit,” she captioned an Instagram reel featuring clips of her behind the scenes posing for the camera in different white dresses and wings, as well as a white bikini.

In a second reel posted to Instagram, Klum could be seen posing in her swimsuit and wings, captioning the video, “this is 50.” She also thanked photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli for “making [her] feel great.”

On the topic of aging, Klum joked that her eyesight is fading, so she can’t see herself aging as quickly.

Heidi Klum at the Grammy Awards

“Yes, I’m 50, but I’m far from dead. I just love colorful, loud things. Maybe that will change at some point, but it can also remain my decision,” she told the magazine. “The good thing is that my vision is getting worse and worse, and I can no longer see everything so clearly. I just accept it – there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.”

The “America’s Got Talent” judge has had a long, successful career in the entertainment industry, but she didn’t have an easy introduction into the modeling industry three decades ago.

“Nobody in Paris and Milan wanted me,” Heidi said. “I was too happy for them, never super-thin. I was even labeled as too fat. It was the time of ‘heroin chic.’ I didn’t fit in there.”

Heidi Klum in the 90s

Klum added, “It’s funny: it feels like all the people from back then are no longer working in the industry – including many of the models I worked with. I’m still here. At the end of the day, I’m glad that everything turned out the way it did. Otherwise, I might have quit a long time ago.”

Fox News Digital’s Lori Bashian contributed to this report.

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