Chicago Sues Glock for Full-Auto Conversions AKA The Glock Switch


CHICAGO, IL – Chicago has initiated a legal battle against Glock Inc., blaming the company for the city’s illegal machine gun problem. This unprecedented lawsuit, filed under Illinois’s Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, accuses Glock of endangering the public by selling pistols easily convertible into machine guns with “Glock switches.” Despite the simplicity and low cost of obtaining these auto sears, the complaint seems to overlook the broader issue: the misuse of tools by individuals intent on breaking the law.

The lawsuit alleges over 1,100 Glocks have been illegally modified in Chicago, linking them to various crimes. Yet, it fundamentally misdirects the blame. Handguns, like many tools, can be misused, but holding manufacturers accountable for individual actions is misguided. The analogy of cars is apt: vehicles can exceed speed limits, yet manufacturers aren’t blamed for speeding incidents. Similarly, the responsibility for gun misuse lies with the individuals, not the toolmakers.

Glock’s potential to modify their designs is moot. The firearm market is flooded with alternatives, and technology like 3D printing makes prohibition nearly impossible. Moreover, the lawsuit’s implications are concerning. It appears to aim at reclassifying all autoloading firearms as easily convertible, pushing for a de facto ban on private ownership. Such a move doesn’t just infringe on Second Amendment rights; it overlooks the real issue – the need for responsible gun ownership and enforcement of existing laws.

This lawsuit, while framed as a fight for public safety, seems less about resolving gun violence and more about setting a precedent that could restrict law-abiding citizens’ rights. Instead of targeting manufacturers, efforts should focus on education, responsible ownership, and tackling the root causes of crime. The misuse of a tool shouldn’t lead to penalizing the maker, especially when the problem lies with those who choose to break the law.

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