California Gun Control Leads The Nation… in Mass Shootings


As we enter the third month of 2024 one state is pulling dramatically ahead of the other 49 to take the lead in mass shooting events. So as I write this, California leads the nation in mass shootings.

Gavin “Every state should model their gun policies after us.” Newsom’s progressive policy’d paradise just recorded their fourth with a casualty count of eleven. Four dead, three men at the scene and a woman who died at the hospital. Three masked gunman attacked a birthday party from the reports, gang violence that will soon be forgotten…

California Leading The Nation In Mass Shooting

I hate that political animals like Newsom are likely sweating bullets, hoping for a crazier more conventional violent event to shift scrutiny away from their socio-economic disaster zones. Whenever there is relative peace they can credit their policies, but there tired tactic of blaming other states’ policy and legal definitions is continuing to ring more and more hollow.

Pretending that things like partial licensing or partial prohibitions or waiting periods will change the current norms of violence in the nation is laughable, tragically laughable but laughable nonetheless. Every well vetted study on this issue concludes that most of the popular gun control policies have no, and in some cases negative consequences on the situation overall when it comes to violence involving firearms.

My personal opinion on the subject isn’t that gun control produces more crime, I just think it has nearly no influence on a crime trend and tends to be passed when things are getting worse. Then, when trends turn due to enough of a change in the factors, parties, and socio-economic outlook, the policy setters can claim victory for policies that didn’t do anything beyond give seats to bureaucratic job seekers who need something to do. Tax money spends like the rest.

Congrats Gavin

So as we drive on towards the election, let us not be fooled by folks claiming credit for gains they had nothing to do with. Gun control is not shaping up to be a pinnacle issue this cycle, but both leading candidates have records on firearms that should be held in great suspicion. Trump banned bumpstocks arbitrarily through an ATF rule, not Congress. That issue is one we are currently in the process of resolving a whole presidential cycle later than when it was thrust into the public policy chaos. As niche as that rule change and that product was, what good did it do? So a bumpstock hasn’t been used in a heinous crime since, well it never had before Vegas either.

There was no minor stream of bumpstock involved crimes, but we have a minor epidemic of Glock switches thanks to Wish and Temu and other sites who sell the “airsoft” accessories. The ATF can’t stop them, they can only prosecute the caught. Those caught are often guilty of plenty of other crimes, making the gun charges superfluous. We often have DA’s who won’t push gun crimes to conclusion for their own political agendas, we can’t be seen to punish too many people of a vague demographic after all.

Anyway, congratulations Gavin. Really leading the way on ‘gun control works’ for 2024.

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