ATF Apparently Seizing “Lethal Eye Muzzle Devices”: What You Need to Know


Recently, the ATF has issued warning notices concerning three specific muzzle devices manufactured by Lethal Eye, a DBA for KBC Capital LLC. These devices, the M074, M079, and M099 muzzle brakes, are now classified as silencers by the ATF. A letter that one of my clients received is pictured below.

Laws and Regulations @ TFB:

More or less, it seems that the ATF has determined that the Lethal Eye M074, M079, and M099 devices qualify as silencers rather than muzzle brakes. Recipients of the ATF letter are being given 30 days to coordinate the abandonment of these devices. The letter emphasizes that failing to comply could result in severe legal consequences, including potential jail time and hefty fines.

The classification of these devices as silencers is based on the definition provided in the Gun Control Act, which includes any combination of parts intended for the assembly of a silencer. This legal interpretation draws on precedents such as the Sig Sauer case that we previously covered here:

In Sig Sauer, MPX’s fitted with baffle monocore “muzzle brakes” were classified as silencer parts due to their design and potential to be converted into silencers.

A peculiar aspect of this situation is the lack of available images or detailed information about these specific Lethal Eye devices online. Their webpage has been shut down and they have no recent posts on their X or Facebook accounts. Some clients even reported not remembering purchasing these items, suggesting that the ATF may have obtained customer lists from the manufacturer and sent notices to everyone who ever made a purchase.

That said, TFB Discord User “WidowKiss” found an image of the M-074 after digging through Facebook:

Indeed, these appear to simply be baffle cores from a suppressor and thus, this seems like the same issue from Sig Sauer, meaning that these will almost certainly be deemed “silencers” under the GCA definition if this matter proceeds to court.

If you have received a letter from the ATF regarding these devices, it is strongly advised to contact a lawyer.

Here’s a full video on this issue from the author as well:

Read the full article here


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