Armed Tow Truck Drivers Fire Back, Critically Injuring Another Driver That Opened Fire on Them After Job Dispute


CHICAGO, IL – A recent dispute over a towing job escalated into gunfire, highlighting the dangers tow truck drivers can face and the critical role of concealed carry in self-defense.

CWB Chicago reported that David Soto, 33, confronted two other tow truck drivers in a heated argument over a towing assignment on the 4600 block of West Harrison Street. The altercation took a violent turn when Soto, after initially leaving the scene, returned and opened fire on the other drivers, injuring one.

The situation could have ended much worse for the two drivers targeted by Soto had they not been prepared to defend themselves. Both individuals, who are licensed concealed-carry holders, were able to return fire, striking Soto multiple times and neutralizing the threat he posed. Soto, who was on felony pretrial release at the time and is reportedly a member of a street gang, fled the scene but was later found at Loyola University Medical Center.

This incident serves as a potent reminder of the unpredictable dangers one may encounter, particularly in professions prone to disputes or confrontations. This incident is a perfect example of the importance of self-defense preparedness and exemplifies the reason for carrying concealed.

Due to their preparedness, the tow truck drivers successfully defended themselves by appropriately responding to a lethal threat with force, highlighting the critical role of concealed carry in ensuring personal safety.

Soto is facing charges, including attempted murder and aggravated fleeing. The ability of the tow truck drivers to defend themselves reinforces the argument for responsible, legal concealed carry as a means of protection in life-threatening situations.

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