Amazon Delivery Driver Shoots Suspect in Failed Carjacking Attempt in Cleveland


CLEVELAND, OH – A suspect is dead following a failed carjacking attempt involving an Amazon delivery driver in Cleveland. The incident, which took place around 4:05 p.m. on Saturday near the intersection of West 48th Street and Franklin Avenue, quickly escalated to violence, according to the Cleveland Division of Police.

During the attempted carjacking, the suspect reportedly approached the Amazon delivery driver and attempted to seize control of the vehicle. Shots were fired during the confrontation, leading to the suspect driving away with the Amazon vehicle. However, the stolen vehicle crashed shortly thereafter, and emergency medical crews pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

The violent encounter also resulted in collateral damage, as a bullet struck a resident’s car on West 48th Street. The resident provided photos to local media, highlighting the dangerous crossfire that had ensued.

Amazon has responded to the tragic event, stating, “We are saddened to learn of this tragic incident and are working closely with law enforcement as they investigate.” It’s important to note that Amazon drivers, often classified as independent contractors, may drive their own vehicles depending on the program they are enrolled in. There is no current indication that the driver involved will be terminated, although Amazon typically does not authorize its drivers to work while armed.

This incident underscores the risks faced by delivery drivers and the potential dangers of street-level crime such as carjacking. It also raises questions about the safety measures and support provided to individuals in this line of work. As the police continue their investigation, the community is left to consider the implications of such violent acts on public safety and the well-being of those serving in increasingly vulnerable positions.

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