Alameda County DA Pamela Price facing recall as special election looms: The 'people have spoken'


One California mother who lost her son to a stray bullet is fighting a renewed effort to oust far-left Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, a Soros-funded DA, over her leniency with criminals as violence continues to soar. 

Florence McCrary lost her 22-year-old son, Terrence McCrary Jr., back in 2016, and she has been fighting for justice on his behalf ever since. She joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to discuss why she believes Price should be removed from her post after she abruptly dropped the murder charge of her son’s alleged killer last year. 

“I was in total shock,” McCrary told co-host Pete Hegseth on Sunday. “It was unbelievable to realize that for the fight that took over six years to get to that, it was diminished to nothing. And while sitting there in court, learning even from the judge, well, this is the best we can do. What is the best when you know your child goes out one evening and does not come home, does not return, and yet you have got to now bury your child?”

“And the sentiment from those in the administration that work to help fight for the people did nothing,” she continued. “They diminished his life to absolutely nothing. So very traumatizing.”


Price is facing a recall effort with nearly 75,000 validated signatures, according to the New York Post. The Alameda County’s board of supervisors voted to accept the petition last week and is expected to set an election date on May 15. 

Terrence was killed alongside 20-year-old Craig Fletcher-Cooks during the fatal gunfight that broke out on August 14, 2016. 

The suspected murderer, Otis Wyatt, “was charged with both murders under the previous district attorney Nancy O’Malley in Alameda County,” CBS News Bay Area reported. But in November, “Price’s office made a deal with the shooter for voluntary manslaughter for killing Fletcher-Cooks. The murder charge against McCrary’s son was dropped altogether.”

McCrary said she is unfortunately not the only mother impacted by Price’s soft-on-crime policies, and many others have been forced to deal with similar, upending circumstances as a result. 


“They not only deal with the fear of it, they have all or many have been going through a very similar set of circumstances in that their cases have been diminished to almost nothing, never getting their chance to have a day in court,” McCrary said. “There is this mindset that we’ve done the best we can do. Well, what is the best? How are you starting to equate a life down to 21 years of someone serving and allowing them to do it concurrently with other crimes?”

“You have known criminals that are… expecting that they’re going to see leniency as a result,” she continued.

Violent crime in Oakland is up 11% year to date, according to the Oakland Police Department. Robberies alone in Oakland surged 34% in the first three months this year compared to 2023, according to the New York Post. 

Hegseth asked McCrary if she thinks residents realize how dangerous the community is under Price’s leadership. 

“I think they do realize it, which is why the voice of the people have spoken,” she responded. “Therefore… with that amount of signatures, we are now trying to move to hold a special election to allow for the voice to even go further and to prove through the voting system that there is a need to remove her from office.”

Fox News’ Jeffrey Clark contributed to this report. 

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