AAC Soviet Ammo 7.62×39 Steel Case Ammo Now Shipping


Palmetto State Armory sub-company AAC is officially a player in the steel-cased ammunition game. After some previous teases at the SHOT Show, their Soviet Arms steel case 7.62×39 ammo is finally shipping. Let’s see what it offers.


Steel cased ammo was the option of choice for budget-conscious shooters for many decades. But like too many imported goods in the firearm sector, it eventually fell prey to import restrictions and dried up. There is still some Tula and Wolf steel case kicking around on shelves at local gun stores, but it is quite a bit more expensive and harder to find than it used to be.

This left a hole in the market, and PSA is finally starting to fill it. The new Soviet Arms load is a 122-grain FMJ bullet pushed to 2,375 FPS. Unlike much of the Combloc ammo it is replacing, AAC’s steel case ammo is fully non-corrosive. The 123-grain black tip is loaded to the same velocity but has improved terminal ballistics. It runs for $10.99 for 20 rounds. While it lasted, the FMJ ammo was $8.99 for a box of 20 rounds. PSA also has a 250-round box for 129.99. PSA has also shown off samples of 7.62x54R and 5.45×39 ammo in the past. Perhaps we will even see some steel 223 ammo someday.

AAC Soviet Ammo 7.62x39 Steel Case Ammo Now Shipping

From the manufacturer:

The 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ Non-Corrosive Steel Case Ammunition from AAC delivers superior performance when you need it most.

Designed for use in a variety of applications and manufactured through AAC’s advanced research, design, and engineering process with state-of-the-art, quality machines, and materials.

Each round is coated with our proprietary Soviet Slick™ coating. This coating is designed to aid in functioning and prevent corrosion of the steel case.

Rigorously refined by AAC through multiple quality control checkpoints from conception to production. AAC Components make projectiles for the shooter who values attention to detail, quality, and advanced reliability.

All images from Palmetto State Armory

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