Why Women Benefit from Owning and Carrying a Gun


I’ll start right out with the obvious: I am a man, and this is an article about how women benefit from owning and carrying a gun. So, to ensure that this article actually covers how women benefit, and not just how I, as a man, think they benefit, I have enlisted the help of my wife, Steffi.

Steffi grew up in Europe and came to the United States in 2011 and is now a U.S. citizen. She has been shooting guns regularly since 2011 and has been a concealed carrier since 2012. Living in Europe and seeing the differences in the way European countries and people see gun ownership compared to how we in the United States see it has given her an interesting perspective on the topic of self-defense.

Women and Guns in America

Gun ownership among women has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2005, only 13% of all women in America said they owned a gun. That number had increased to 23% by 2020 and is likely higher today. Today, 42% of all gun owners are women.

The reasons for the increase can be tied to the changes in society over the past few years. Events like the government shutdown of society during the Covid outbreak, the defund the police movement, the deterioration of our cities through the failure to prosecute many crimes, and the unchecked flow of illegals into our country have made law-abiding citizens, especially women, nervous. Police response times are getting longer and longer, and people are realizing they are on their own.

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How a Woman Sees the Benefits of Owning and Carrying a Gun

The best way to get a woman’s perspective is to let Steffi tell you what owning and carrying a gun means to her by asking her a few questions.

As a woman, what is the number one benefit of owning and carrying a gun?

“Self-defense. It’s common sense. If I don’t have a gun and get attacked by some big guy, then what am I supposed to do…try to wrestle with him? It gives me an advantage I otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s empowering. It eliminates, or at least reduces, the disadvantage I would otherwise have. I work out, but I still couldn’t handle a guy who’s 6 foot and 300 pounds. I could hurt them, but they could hurt me worse. That’s not to say a gun makes me invincible, but it evens the odds.”

(Author’s note: Steffi’s workout regime is HIIT, cardio, and weightlifting three times a week.)

How do you feel when you go shooting?

“It’s almost like a good workout. I’m improving my skills and making sure I keep them up. I feel confidentand I keep my familiarity with my gun up.”

Is it fun to shoot?

“Well, yeah! Duh!”

What are the times when having a gun is important?

“When I’m home alone or out and about by myself. When I’m home alone, I always have my gun handy. When I was out by myself, some guy approached me in a parking lot, and I felt good that I had my gun ready if I needed it. I’m not easily intimidated, but I’m glad I have it when I see a group of guys near where I’m going or someone who looks shady.”

What is your favorite gun, and why?

“My Beretta 92. It’s compact but has plenty of punch. It’s easy to shoot with a good trigger and grips. It feels right. It’s accurate. Not too heavy and not too light.”

(Author’s note: Steffi’s Beretta 92 is stock except for a set of Hogue Overmolded Rubber Grips.)

How do you carry your gun when you’re out?

“In my purse that is over my shoulder. I have the compartment zipper open so I can easily get my gun out if I need it. I always keep track of my bag and have it over my shoulder, even when I’m shopping.”

What kind of training have you had?

“I’ve had a lot of training with my husband. He’s had a lot of experience with dangerous situations all over the world. He patiently showed me how to take a gun apart and clean it. Takes me out to the range to shoot. He runs drills with me for things like home invasions and how to react to things that could happen when we’re out. Lots of practical advice. I feel confident that I know how to handle my gun and how to react to situations.”

You grew up in Europe. What is the European mindset regarding guns?

“Timid. They rely on the system to keep them safe, which is a nice thought, but the reality is different. It’s very much a place that wants the people to feel safe while not giving them the means to be safe. A false sense of security. Guns are demonized, and they say only bad guys have guns, so if you have a gun, you must be a bad guy. So, the result is that in Europe, only the bad guys do have guns.”

A Woman’s Perspective

Steffi’s perspective of the benefits of owning and carrying a gun is like that of many women. Having a gun and knowing how to use it well provides a sense of security and empowerment. Women know that they can hold their own in a dangerous situation rather than being a helpless victim. Just as with men, training is a critical aspect of that confidence and sense of independence. Target practice by itself isn’t enough. Women must know how to clear malfunctions, use tactics, and react to a variety of threats.

Another key benefit is that shooting is fun. It’s satisfying and enjoyable and produces a genuine sense of accomplishment. It’s also something that can be done as a couple or with friends, making it a great date or social experience. 

A Man’s Perspective of the Benefits to Women of Owning a Gun

Men can also benefit from women in their lives who own and carry guns. The most obvious benefit is knowing that she is armed and capable of protecting herself when he’s not around. While I still worry about her when we’re apart, I have the peace of mind of knowing that Steffi is very capable of taking care of herself should the need arise.

There’s also the benefit of having solid, reliable backup if something goes down. I know that Steffi will make good decisions based on our training and is capable of being more than a noncombatant in a dangerous situation.

Finally, it’s a lot of fun to have a wife who likes guns. More than once, I’ve been looking at a gun online and had her look over and comment that the gun I’m looking at is sweet. It’s even more fun to have her point out a gun that she wantsor better yet, encourage me to buy one I’m looking at.


You hear people say that everyone would be safer if no one had a gun. But that outlook is naïve and flawed. As Steffi said, what is a woman supposed to do if she is attacked by a largerstronger man? Wrestle with him? The reality is that there are a lot of mean, dangerous people in the world who are physically stronger and tougher than the average person, especially women and the elderly or infirm. People who will hurt and kill others who are physically weaker than they are, and the only way many people can avoid being a victim is to be armed with a gun. Empowerment, confidence, and safety are all benefits women gain by owning and carrying a gun.  

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