Retired Law Enforcement Officer and Veteran Releases Song Boasting ‘Card-Totin’ Member of the NRA’


Retired law enforcement officer, musician and NRA member Alan Laney, with a rich background that spans from service in the United States Army to holding a significant position in law enforcement, has brought his experiences to the fore with his latest track, The Right to Survive. The song’s lyrics proudly announce Laney’s allegiance to the NRA, emphasizing his active membership and support for the organization.

Laney’s musical roots are firmly planted in East Tennessee, where he began his journey with local Country and Bluegrass bands. Over the years, he has crafted a name for himself in the music world, collaborating with industry stalwarts like Shania Twain and Kix Brooks. However, music is just one facet of Laney’s diverse life story.

His dedication to serving his country is evident from his years in the United States Army. Following his military tenure, Laney transitioned into the cattle industry, proving his versatility as he moved from being a herdsman to managing entire ranch operations. His commitment to public safety was further showcased when he took on the role of Captain over Crime Prevention in the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

In The Right to Survive, Laney addresses the essence of personal rights, the challenges citizens face daily, and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs. Given his breadth of professional experiences, from military service to law enforcement, Laney’s song offers listeners a grounded and genuine perspective on advocacy and rights.

Furthermore, his support for the NRA School Shield program demonstrates a continued commitment to community safety. This initiative seeks to enhance security in educational settings, arming institutions with the necessary resources and tools to create safer learning environments.

For those interested in a blend of real-world experiences and advocacy, “The Right to Survive” provides a distinct viewpoint. You can listen to the track below and also find it for streaming and purchase on platforms such as iTunes and other major music outlets. To learn more about Laney, visit


He’s standing in the shadows with a switchblade knife,
She’s walking to her car in the dark of night.
In the concrete jungle, an animal stalks his prey.
She don’t scream and she don’t run,
He picked a victim that owns a gun.
And tonight he’ll learn that crime, it just don’t pay.

‘Cause we’ve all got the right to survive,
And the tools to keep us alive.
But some fool is always trying to take ‘em away.

The price of freedom ain’t ever been cheap,
It’s been passed down to us to keep.
We better be ready to do whatever it takes.

Too many politicians have their votes for sale,
They’re letting this country go to hell.
And I’m tired of them messing with my right to survive.

I like to turn the other cheek every time I can,
But I know there’s evil in the heart of man.
And the law ain’t around when the devil comes to call.

When it’s 1am and your window breaks,
The home, the family, and your life is at stake.
Where are you gonna turn when your back’s against the wall?

Well, we’ve all got the right to survive,
And the tools to keep us alive.
But some fool is always trying to take ‘em away.

We’d better wake up, better open our eyes,
‘Cause 911 took us by surprise.
And if we don’t watch out it’ll damn sure happen again.

You cowardly killers better hear us clear,
Crawl back in your holes and live in fear.
And don’t come messing with our right to survive.

Now I know God’s gonna have his judgment day,
But I’m a card-totin’ member of the NRA.
And I’m just protecting my right to survive.

Freedom, freedom, freedom,
To survive.
Freedom, freedom, freedom.

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