LARRY KUDLOW: You can't keep a good man down


You can’t keep a good man down. 

For most of the last couple of weeks, Donald Trump has been stuck in a New York courtroom dealing with charges that never should’ve been filed in the first place, but he was temporarily released yesterday, liberated if you will, and he flew out to Wisconsin to give a real stemwinder of a speech, rallying his supporters on the economy, closing the border, “drill, baby, drill,” the antisemitic campus unrest and violence that Joe Biden refuses to deal with. 

In particular, the 45th president blasted off on the inflation killer-tax on the middle class and his determination to stop excessive, corporate welfare and pork-barrel spending that is making inflation higher and real working-class wages lower. Take a listen:

FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP: And upon taking office, I will impose an immediate moratorium on all new spending grants and giveaways under the Joe Biden mammoth socialist bills like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act… To further crack down on rampant waste in the federal government, we’re going to bring back presidential impoundment authority… And we’re going to end this war on American energy. We’re going to drill, baby, drill.

Mr. Trump went out of his way to talk about how “Bidenomics” is flat-out economic warfare on American families and the middle class, but in his speech in Waukesha, Wis., several times he emphasized how his Republican Party is now the party of the worker, the party of the middle income, the party of working folks — be they White, Hispanic, Black — his message is color blind. 


He called the Biden jobs numbers a “fake,” counting people coming back to work from the pandemic. Plus, many of Biden’s jobs are part-time jobs and virtually all job creation under Biden is for foreign-born workers, and he said, and let me quote, “When I’m in the White House, the Biden economic bust will quickly be replaced with a brand-new Trump economic boom.” 

He’s going to curb spending and of course “drill, baby, drill” to stifle inflation and reduce energy costs. He slammed Biden’s $5 trillion tax hike proposal, saying, “Biden would drench the middle class with a tidal wave of massive tax hikes,” and he made the particularly insightful point that if you raise business taxes, that will lead to the destruction of your jobs and the decline of our wages. 

He’s going to protect the Trump tax cuts for working families and make the middle class more prosperous, and then he repeated his pledge to seal the border, stop the invasion, and send Joe Biden’s illegal immigrants back home where they belong. 


He basically said you can’t have entitlement programs that millions of people depend on and at the same time you let tens of millions of illegals into the country and give them more benefits. Can’t be done. Trump is right.

This superb speech with heavy economic content about growth, tax cuts, de-regulation, “drill, baby, drill,” closing the borders, and so forth is vintage Trump, consistent with his consistent message over the last few years and especially on the campaign trail now, and these themes that are crucial to working folks everywhere are the main reason he is ahead in the swing states and most national polls. 

The mass media do not understand this. The liberal media do not understand the reason he is ahead is because his content is so good. He is talking key policies to literally save America. Joe Biden with his lawfare can try to lock him up in court or try to lock him up in jail, but you are never going to keep a good man down. Trump showed that once again in Waukesha, Wis. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the May 2, 2024, edition of “Kudlow.”  

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