LARRY KUDLOW: Why won't Biden enforce sanctions against Iranian oil?


You know the old saw — where there’s smoke, there’s fire? So, when people hear strange things coming out of the Biden White House, even if they’re not completely corroborated, you just have to wonder: What is going on in there? 

The latest one over the weekend was that the administration was going to withhold ammunition from Israel. This, even though Congress just passed a supplemental foreign aid bill mandating war assistance to Israel. So, where is that rumor coming from? The White House won’t say anything about it. Go figure. One thing is for sure – every time the Bidens use the word “de-escalation,” it’s a modern synonym for “appeasement.” 

Why won’t Biden enforce sanctions against Iranian oil? Or stop China from financing two wars against the U.S. by purchasing Iranian and Russian oil? The only rumors we hear about sanctions are that tough sanctions are not being enforced. 


In other words, bad rumors — not good rumors. There is a difference, you know? Ronald Reagan once talked about bombing Moscow in 15 seconds, but you know, that was only a warm-up joke before his radio broadcast in the early 1980s. Right, just a joke? Then Joe Biden comes out and talks about “both-sideism” — that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are equal problems in the campus riots everybody witnessed last week. Really? Both sides? 

Did any of you see a protest against Islam last week at Columbia? Or UCLA? Or any of the other dozens of schools? Looked like blatant anti-Semitism to me. Hate crimes. Civil rights discrimination worthy of prosecution and college defunding, but I didn’t hear any of those rumors coming out of the White House. 

Here’s one from a Wall Street Journal headline today: “Biden races to Trump-proof his agenda.” It’s a whole long story about Biden’s regulatory war against energy, business, consumers, the economy — about $1.5 trillion worth so far and still counting. Trump-proof? I’m sure it’s just a rumor, right? Wrong. Wrong! 

That’s just what they’re doing. Remember: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or, how about this rumor that Joe Biden created 15 million new jobs? Except, wait a minute, turns out those are actually old jobs coming out of Trump’s V-shaped pandemic recovery, and most of the new ones are government-adjacent jobs — in government, health care and social assistance. 

Fake Biden jobs, in other words. Or, there’s Joe Biden popping off against the Federal Reserve that they have to cut interest rates to juice up his re-election economy. Rumor? No, he’s actually said that three times. The liberal media doesn’t want to report it, but it’s out there. And then, finally, this New York trial judge suggesting he might have to throw Trump in jail for violating what many believe to be an unconstitutional gag rule. 


Can’t blame that totally on Biden, but then again, there are several former Biden prosecutors working the case in New York City. It’s probably the worst case anybody’s ever heard of, but, then again, what if the “Trump goes to jail” rumor turns out to be true? 

I’m going to guess his polls would go up at least 10 percentage points, and he fundraises another $50 million in the next 24 hours. Just saying … where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the May 6, 2024, edition of “Kudlow.”     

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