Grammys gift bag creator shares insights into bag of goodies valued at $35K for presenters, performers


Music’s biggest night will be celebrated on Sunday, Feb. 4, in Los Angeles where stars will flood the red carpet ahead of the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. 

For the last 25 years, Distinctive Assets, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles, has worked to put together epic gift bags for both presenters and performers. 

This year, Fox News Digital spoke with founder Lash Fary, who previewed some of the unique gifts — including options for the whole family. 

“What’s interesting is that I never really know how it’s going to all come together until sort of the final swing of this when the products start arriving,” he said.


Each year, a pre-assembled gift bag is given to every performer or presenter at the Grammy Awards, Fary confirmed.

“So as long as you show up for the show and read your lines, if you’re a presenter, or sing a song if you’re a performer, a gift goes into your vehicle as you’re leaving the venue,” he said. 

The Grammys also host a “gift lounge” for the three days prior to the awards show for guests to select from a wider array of options — either during a rehearsal break or at the end of the day. 

“If you show up and Rihanna’s running late, and you’ve got an hour to hang out, you can come and go through the gift lounge where you get to pick out the different items,” he said.


With 68 brands and items featured, here are some of Fary’s favorites from this year’s list. 

Fary said one of his top picks for the gift bag this year is the Dyson Zone Headphones, which retail for $699.99.

Dyson headphones

The headphones are not only noise-canceling and can last up to 50 hours of audio-only run time, but also have a built-in air filtration attachment. 

Fary added, “It’s super cool, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Another gift option are Cate Brown toss pillows, handmade in New York City from vintage, heritage fashion and deadstock textiles, according to the brand.


Fary said the pillows are made from fabrics by fashion designers and turned into one-of-a-kind, luxury toss pillows. 

Cate Brown luxury throw pillows

He added, “So you can do the right thing for the environment and have some luxury for your home.”

One of the unique gifting options for 2024 is an offering from a healthy pet food brand. 

Smack Pet Food is a Canadian-made dog and cat food brand that offers raw, dehydrated organic and non-GMO ingredients. 

The gift bag includes pet food and a canvas tote, which plays on the brand name by reading, “My dog is on smack.”

Smack Pet Food

One of the other unique finds on the list is an interactive globe for kids — something Fary said celebrities tend to pick up.

The Orboot by PlayShifu globe is a smart toy that allows users to select different parts of the Earth to learn more about. It contains over 1,000 facts about cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals and maps. 

Fary said that sometimes celebrities won’t have time to select items for their gift bag, so in the past, they have asked for everything that could be given to their child. 

Interactive globe

“The last time Adele was on the show, she didn’t have time to come up from her dressing room from rehearsals, but she asked if we could bring anything kid-related down to her dressing room for her son to play with,” he recalled. 

Fary said Dan & Shay have also posted about their children going through the epic gift bag in the past and noted that it’s fun for the whole family.

Fary added that many brands included in the gifting this year are female-owned, minority-owned or family-owned — something he loves to see. 

For example, one company featured is Hair Forge — a men’s hair accessory small business run entirely by family, Fary said. 

Hair Forge

“It’s family run, including the children — two kids and a cousin who help the family run the business based in the Midwest,” he said. 

He added, “They’ve been featured on all of their local new stations getting all of this coverage about these kids who are entrepreneurs going to the Grammys.”

Fary said making a difference in the lives of the people behind small businesses, minority-owned businesses and female businesses is something that matters to him. 

“That’s been a specific goal of ours over the past few years … to amplify and let the media know what we’re doing, because I think representation does matter.”

Grammys gift bag items

Other brands included in the gifting options include Garnier, Auro Wellness, Miage Skincare, Kerastase, Poppi, Shinery and WineEnthusiast.

The 2024 Grammy Awards will air Sunday, Feb. 4.

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