TFB Review: Spohr Club 3.0 Revolver – Big Engineering, Compact(-ish) Size


My first encounter with the Spohr brand began at IWA 2022, where Mr. Spohr’s incredible revolvers immediately caught my eye. The build quality was evidently superior, and the hefty price tag was justified with a visual inspection and an enlightening conversation with Thomas Spohr himself. He explained that the high cost is attributed not to extravagant materials (although, of course, Spohr uses only top-tier materials and does indeed dabble in things like Damascus steel, if you are kinky that way) but to the use of top-tier processes, meticulous hand-fitting, and avoidance of cheaper manufacturing methods like Metal Injection Molding (MIM) drive the price up. 

Revolvers @ TFB:


Thomas Spohr’s expertise and dedication to revolver excellence are deeply influenced by his involvement in the prestigious S&W 30 Gunsmithing Club. This exclusive group, comprised of highly skilled gunsmiths, focuses on optimizing Smith and Wesson revolvers to achieve peak performance. The club’s rigorous standards and collaborative environment have pushed its members, including Spohr, to innovate and refine their techniques. This background has significantly informed the design philosophy behind the Spohr revolvers, which strive for mechanical perfection and exceptional reliability, surpassing even the high benchmarks set by traditional S&W models.

Detailed Technical Specifications:

– Caliber: Chambered in .357 Magnum/. 38 Special, and for an extra $1,000, you can add a 9mm conversion cylinder. It’s suitable for a range of shooting activities from defense to sport. Either cylinder features a 6-shot capacity.

– Barrel Length: The 3-inch barrel is a strategic choice, balancing concealability with ballistic efficiency, making the Club 3.0 ideal for both concealed carry and accurate shooting.

– Weight: At 38 ounces, the revolver is solid enough to handle the recoil of .357 Magnum rounds effectively while maintaining enough heft to aid in accuracy, but still okay for concealing, although 38 ounces is nearly the weight of two Glock 43 pistols.

– Construction: Entirely built from stainless steel, with an option for a black PVD coating at an additional cost, enhancing its resistance to wear and corrosion.

The Spohr Club 3.0 revolver is fundamentally based on the Smith and Wesson 686 design, which offers a notable advantage in terms of accessory compatibility. While the precise dimensions and custom features of the Spohr mean that S&W L-frame grips and holsters don’t fit perfectly out of the box, many can be adapted with some hand fitting and minor modifications. This allows owners of the Spohr Club 3.0 to take advantage of the wide range of grips and holster options designed for the popular S&W 686, expanding the customization possibilities to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of their revolver.

Engineering and Build Quality:

– Barrel: The use of a cold hammer-forged polygonal match barrel ensures exceptional accuracy and longevity. This type of barrel provides a better gas seal around the projectile, enhancing velocity and precision versus a conventionally rifled barrel of the same length, plus it’s easier to clean.

– Sights: Equipped with an adjustable LPA rear sight and a high-visibility Gold-Dot front sight, the Club 3.0 is designed for rapid target acquisition and ease of adjustment.

– Trigger System: The highlight is arguably the trigger, which features a light, crisp pull of about 2.8 pounds in single-action mode. This is complemented by a skeletonized hammer and trigger, reducing overall weight and providing a distinctive aesthetic. Of course, the trigger is adjustable every which way by removing the grips and not only the pull weight but also the hammer and mainspring tension as well.

– Picatinny Rail: The integration of a Picatinny rail is a modern touch that allows for the attachment of accessories such as optics, a rare feature on revolvers that extends its utility.

– Cylinder and Release: The fluted cylinder not only reduces weight but also enhances the revolver’s visual appeal. The Club Edition cylinder release is designed for quick and easy operation, improving functionality during use.

Performance and Handling:

The Club 3.0’s operational smoothness is unparalleled, thanks to the absence of MIM parts. Each component is machined to exact specifications, ensuring flawless function and a seamless fit. The precision engineering is apparent in every aspect of the revolver, from the nearly invisible seams on the side plate to the robust and reliable ball detent lockup system that enhances the cylinder’s alignment and stability. The ergonomic design, including walnut combat grips, provides both comfort and control, even when firing the more potent .357 Magnum rounds.


When compared to competitors like the Manurhin MR73 and possibly Korth revolvers, the Spohr Club 3.0 holds its ground with distinctive features and superior craftsmanship. It is priced for serious enthusiasts who understand the value of precision engineering in firearms. It’s in the same general price range as these other ultra-premium options.


The Spohr Club 3.0 combines historical revolver virtues with contemporary enhancements to offer a shooting experience that is both luxurious and exceedingly functional. Designed for the discerning shooter who appreciates detailed craftsmanship and high performance, the Spohr Club 3.0 is a compelling choice in the premium revolver market.

Additional Resources:

For those interested in seeing more about how these exceptional revolvers are made, visit for a complete video walkthrough of the Spohr factory, hosted by Thomas Spohr himself.


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