Zelensky’s “Peace Summit” Will Be Devoid Of The U.S. Ruling Class


The current United States ruling class, also known as the Biden Administration, has confirmed that the U.S. ruler will not be attending an upcoming summit in Switzerland on the Ukraine conflict. Instead of Joe Biden, other rulers will be sent, including Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Head tyrant Biden will instead be going to a campaign fundraiser event for this autumn’s upcoming (s)election.

“Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Lucerne, Switzerland on June 15th to participate in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine,” her spokesperson Kirsten Allen said on Monday, adding that this “will underscore the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s effort to secure a just and lasting peace.”

Peace seems to be the furthest thing from the minds of the ruling class, though. Nothing done by the U.S. or the West as a whole has signified that they are looking to provide any kind of peace.

The U.S. Is Provoking WW3

This so-called “peace summit” is a Swiss-hosted gathering and is intended to drum up support for Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky’s demands regarding the conflict with Russia. Moscow has not been invited, however, while Beijing has declined to participate. One would assume if this was really about peace, the two warring ruling classes would be both attending. Seeing as Russia wasn’t even extended an invitation, this is looks like its more about gathering more weapons and equipment and money than anything else.

Last week, the Ukrainian leader tried to pressure the US president into lending legitimacy to the “peace summit,” arguing that his absence would “not be a particularly strong move,” and would let down other world leaders who “need President Biden.”

Zelensky also claimed that anyone who missed the conference was a tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin. –RT

A report from RT confirmed that Biden would prioritize a political fundraiser in Hollywood, headlined by actor George Clooney and expected to feature actress Julia Roberts and former ruler Barack Obama.

With the ruling class in the U.S. gearing up for (s)election season, perhaps the war mongering will take a backseat.

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