Russia Won’t Accept The Outcome Of Nordstream Investigation Unless It Is Involved


Russia is hitting back after Sweden declared they would not share the outcome of the Nordstream investigation into who sabotaged the pipelines. Considering they are Russia’s pipelines, it makes sense Moscow wants answers.

The pipeline is owned and operated by Nord Stream AG, whose majority shareholder is the Russian state-owned company Gazprom. It doesn’t make sense that the outcome of the investigation would be withheld from the owner of the pipeline, but this could be a simple way to cover it up or push Russia toward a response.

So far, Russia is demanding to be a part of the investigation or it is not willing to accept the outcome of Sweden’s investigation. Russia’s foreign ministry revealed on Thursday it had summoned the representatives of Germany, Denmark, and Sweden to convey its bewilderment” over a lack of official reaction to a request for cooperation sent earlier this month by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to a report by RT.

In its press statement, the ministry noted that while Russian authorities and the country’s energy giant, Gazprom, have still not been granted access to the investigation, reports have been appearing which suggest that Berlin, Copenhagen, and Stockholm have been far more accommodating to similar requests made by other nations, including the US. –RT

An Obvious Cover-Up: Sweden Refuses To Share Nord Stream Pipeline Investigation Results With Russia

Russian diplomats emphasized that if its calls for cooperation are ignored, Moscow will assume that the three European countries “have something to hide or [that] they are covering up the perpetrators of these terrorist attacks.” “Russia will, of course, not recognize any ‘pseudo-results’ of such an investigation, unless Russian experts take part in it,” the statement read.

Retired Pentagon Advisor Says The U.S. Is The Most Likely to Destroy Nord Stream Pipelines

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that despite the denial of access to the probe, “we all know well who the ultimate beneficiary of this crime is.” Earlier, he had publicly laid the blame for the attack at the doorstep of the “Anglo-Saxons,”  a Russian colloquialism for the US-UK bond.

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