Nigeria “On Alert” Over An Ebola Outbreak In Uganda


Nigeria is on alert over an ebola outbreak that began in Uganda. The likelihood of Ebola traveling to Nigeria is said to be very high.

“The likelihood of importation to Nigeria is high due to the increased air travel between Nigeria and Uganda, especially through Kenya’s Nairobi airport, a regional transport hub, and other neighboring countries that share a direct border with Uganda,” the statement released by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said according to a report by RT. 

If Ebola is imported into Nigeria, it may spread domestically through mass gatherings, political rallies, religious ceremonies, or festivals, the organization warned. The national system for detecting Ebola infections is now in alert mode,” it announced. While the risk posed by the virus is high, Nigeria has the technology, trained medics, and testing capacities to “respond effectively in the event of an outbreak, the NCDC explained, citing the country’s experience in dealing with an outbreak in 2014.

Health authorities in Uganda declared an Ebola emergency on September 20, after the first fatal case in three years was confirmed in the country. More patients with similar symptoms have been were reported, and as of last Sunday, Uganda had 43 confirmed cases and nine fatalities, according to the health ministry. –RT

Ebola is a hemorrhagic virus that causes severe bleeding, and organ failure, and can lead to death. Humans can spread the virus to other humans through contact with bodily fluids such as blood. Initial symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, and chills. Later, a person may experience internal bleeding resulting in vomiting or coughing blood.

This outbreak was caused by the Sudan strain of the Ebola virus. It’s one of the two original variants of the pathogen, identified in 1976 as the cause of hemorrhagic fever in two separate outbreaks in Sudan and neighboring Zaire. The strain has previously shown mortality rates between 41% and 100%, though figures were likely exacerbated by poor medical care that many infected individuals received and challenges with tracking infections.

The focus of the mainstream media is letting everyone know that the big pharma “experts” are busy getting a vaccine ready to handle Ebola. Much like the COVID shots, it’ll take two injections for you to be “immune” to Ebola.

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