I Can’t Watch Biden Taking America Down the Tubes


Tolerating stupidity is perhaps the greatest folly of our times.

Under the guise of inclusion and open-mindedness to ideas, America has lost its core ability to discern between reality and myth, between productive agendas and sheer madness, all in the name of wokeness.

It is dumbing down the collective IQ of the nation and it’s not happening in a vacuum… no, if you think that China, Iran, Russia and other aspiring countries, looking to expand and gain momentum, aren’t seeing this for what it is, the decay of the very fabric of freedoms that were central to the supremacy of America’s proposition to the world, a place where men could live and choose their path without being told what’s accepted and what’s correct, you’re wrong.

I am looking from the outside and I can tell you that when Americans went to vote for Obama, I knew a screw was already loose.

A person who has a nice smile and a diploma from Harvard, who believes he came to save humanity, and that he knows better than the collective minds of the free society, is a dangerous delusional false anointed one – this is the very kind of self-declared king, emperor or priest that Europeans risked their lives to escape from.

It all went downhill from there!

Obama and his type are nothing more than racists, because they actually believe they know what you need better than you do, and that approach has been rejected the world over… even Americans hate when Washington tries to force other countries to accept democracy, which has only led to trouble.

Now, with Biden and Blinken at the helm and Obama in the background, they are, once more, allowing the woke masses to chant in the streets for their ideals, which is nothing more than finger-pointing and placing blame upon others and exhibiting hate, the very essence of communism that is the thief of all hope for progress and personal achievement.

It saddens me… it really does, when I look at the free-loaders roaming the streets of America and ignorantly abusing the very freedom they inherited, just by being born in the right place, while never working to maintain or defend it or appreciate how many soldiers in coffins, wrapped in American flags, died to preserve it on the shores of Normandy and other places. Instead, they spew garbage out of their mouths, just because their woke teachers and professors told them they could.

What is Biden’s strategy or Obama’s before him or of any liberal who is so elevated above the common folk, and yet in their treatment of us, so patronizing and arrogant?

  1. Find a sin or a wrongdoing – these people are moral judges, don’t you know? They are perfect and so they were put on this earth to comment on the rest of us.

Obama thought everyone “deserves” healthcare and “affordable” education. Such crap and insanity could not be uttered from a rational human being, but reality is hard work, so it’s easy to promise an ideal and persuade the sheep that Obama “has a plan,” just like the “Inflation Reduction Act” with Biden.

  1. “Fix” the issue.

As you know, when the government enters a sector of society, it usually backfires miserably and “Obamacare” is considered the most failed program in recent memory.

America needs a wake-up call. If you don’t like rolling up your sleeves and working to improve things and instead like to write slogans on big cardboard signs and walk the streets yelling, go live elsewhere.

This country was built by doers, not by complainers who think the government can concoct delusional plans to save you.

Learn to cherish what this country offers a man or go where complaining is welcomed… in dysfunctional and corrupt countries. This is America and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

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