Germany Reports H7N5 Bird Flu Outbreak


Germany has reported a rare H7N5 avian influenza outbreak near the Dutch border. The outbreak of highly pathogenic H7N5 bird flu (HPAI) on a farm in the western part of the country, near the border with the Netherlands, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) said on Thursday.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been spreading in the United States in dairy cattle and has so far infected four humans.

Right On Time: Fourth Human Bird Flu Cases Surfaces

This news came as Moderna was awarded $176 million by the U.S. ruling class to create another mRNA injection. This new shot will likely work about as well as the COVID-19 injection and will be just as effective, but many will be convinced to get it anyway.

The H7N5 strain is different from the H5N1 one that decimated bird flocks and spread to mammal populations and some humans around the world. It is the first outbreak anywhere of H7N5 on WOAH’s public records, on global animal disease outbreaks, which goes back to 2005.

These bird flu outbreaks continue to conveniently occur on farms where meat and eggs are produced.

The Overhyped Threat of a Human Bird Flu Pandemic is a Hoax to “Reset” Our Food System

The ruling class has been trying to get the slave class to eat more plants and more bugs and forego the meat and eggs that have the most nutrition for humans. In fact, the World Bank has already clearly stated that those who choose to eat meat are going to “pay” for the rulers’ climate change agenda.

World Bank: Red Meat Eaters Will Pay For Climate Change

According to a report by The Times of India, this outbreak killed 6,000 out of a flock of 90,879 birds in the town of Bad Bentheim in Lower Saxony, Paris-based WOAH said, citing a report from German authorities.

Medical Tyranny Will Return If Rulers Declare Bird Flu a Pandemic

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