Concentration Camps In The U.S.?


A former Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) veteran interviewed Christie Hutcherson of Women Fighting for America about a sinister plot by the ruling class to build large-scale prison structures and compounds in all 50 states. Will these be used as concentration camps for those who dissent from accepting government, which is slavery?

These large-scale prisons are supposedly being built to house illegal immigrants, however, that could just be a cover story. They may actually be used to imprison Americans in concentration camps as enemies of the state. Especially considering the U.S. never really locks up illegal immigrants anyway. That “service” is reserved for the disobedient slaves of the U.S.

Manufacturing Consent: How Engineered Famine Will Have The Masses BEGGING For FEMA Camps

According to a report by Natural News, Hutcherson has an extensive background in federal contracting having worked at forward operating bases (FOBs) in military war zones. Her company built soft-sided structures, water facilities, and other necessities for soldiers as part of a multi-billion dollar operating agreement with Washington, D.C.

Because she has access to the federal database of contract bids for all of the government projects going on at any given time, Hutcherson can see specifically and exactly what is going on behind the scenes at any given time.

“There are bids for detention facilities being built in all 50 states in America,” Hutcherson explained to J.J. Carrell in the interview, which was also covered by Redacted. “I go in the database, J.J., and there are detention facility bids to build individual detention facilities in every state in the union. Who do you think they’re built for? Are they built for all the illegal aliens or unaccompanied alien children? Of course not.”

“Most of these ICE facilities are completely empty,” Carrell explains. “I’ve talked to my buddies in Texas and in San Diego, I’ve talked to my ICE supervisors, and they tell me that they’re empty. So you’re talking anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 beds across America, mainly on the southern border, are empty. Why are they empty? Because we have massive catch and release.”

Carrell adds that its could be that these facilities will be used to house political dissidents or those slaves that aren’t controllable. It is also possible that the “draft dodgers” could be rounded up and tossed in cells as punishment for refusing to kill or be killed to keep the masters in power.  She said it doesn’t make sense that these are for immigrants. “Why would they need to continue to [house the illegal immigrants in camps] that if they’re trying to absorb, assimilate, etc.? I believe it’s to do like what the Nazis did to the Jews – concentration camps, processing facilities. They’re going to need some place to process the dissidents.”

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