CDC Claims To Be Monitoring Bird Flu Cases Across The U.S.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been more than 90 million poultry impacted by bird flu, also known as H5N1, as well as 46 herds of dairy cows, as of Tuesday. The CDC further claims that it has been monitoring bird flu cases all over the United States.

Most people seem unconcerned currently that the bird flu has been found in dairy cattle and as for the virus spreading to humans, a human case was reported in April 2024 in Texas. The CDC said the person was exposed to dairy cows through their work. Their only symptom was eye redness, and they were able to recover.

“Dairy cows [are] less of a concern, but as some other people in the scientific community have pointed out, where we are concerned is if this could be translated to pigs,” Dr. Francesca Torriani, an infectious disease specialist and the medical director of Infection Prevention and Clinical Epidemiology for UC San Diego Health, told NBC 7. Pigs, Torriani continued, have a variety of influenza strains that could make bird flu more easily transmitted to humans. Still, based on the research currently available, she clarified there should not be cause for concern. “It is not so much that there’s bird flu now, but it’s really being on top of it and doing the adequate surveillance so that people can put prevention measures in place,” Torriani said according to a report by mainstream media news outlet NBC San Diego. 

There has been a lot of effort spent testing wastewater samples for bird flu and COVID-19 variants. Whether these are a concern or not, and whether these are even viable viral mutations is another thing.

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As of the latest report, shared with NBC 7 by a spokesperson for the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, some areas in California, including Indio and Riverside, have seen upward trends in Influenza A. This would include, but is not limited to, bird flu. However, the spokesperson added, San Diego has only seen a slight uptick and numbers are still much lower than they were during flu season.

The CDC suggests avoiding dead birds as a step to prevent infection with bird flu. The CDC also recommends getting the annual flu vaccine to help prevent infection with the bird flu.

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Currently, the risk to the public is “still low” yet the media is portraying this as having a possible pandemic potential.

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