Arctic blast Engineered to Cause Maximum Damage to Farms, Roads and Infrastructure


This article was originally published by Belle Carter at Natural News under the title: Arctic Blast Was Engineered to Cause Maximum Damage to Farms, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Interruptions to Society

According to the Weather Channel, a blast of arctic cold is set to deliver record-setting, frigid air to much of the country, including the Deep South, this week. Dangerously cold wind chills are also expected, especially in the Northern Plains and Rockies. The report also said that the generally colder pattern could hang on until the last full week of January or even longer.

For geoengineering expert Dane Wigington and Brighteon founder Mike Adams, the cold weather is already known to the public to be manipulated. The technology exists and it is already in the U.S. Patent Office. “They put labels on these engineered storms like calling it an ‘Arctic blast’, straight out of the record-warm Gulf of Mexico,” Wigington said in the recent “Health Ranger Report” episode, explaining how the weather terrorism is being committed. “They pushed this moisture, manipulated up the eastern seaboard, wrapped it around a counterclockwise, spinning low-pressure zone, and chemically nucleated it the entire way. As you get further along in this process, you have the ice storm transition zone between the warm flow of the Gulf of Mexico’s moisture and eventually, what ends up being various forms of frozen material falling from the sky, which are chemically nucleated. This frozen material is falling in ever higher temperatures above freezing.”

According to him, weather agencies are going to great lengths to explain the “phenomenon” as they routinely show snow starting at 38F degrees, sometimes 40F or above. He added that if the climate manipulators continue the chemical ice nucleating cloud seeding operations, the surface temperatures will drop, sometimes precipitously, depending on how much of this they apply and how long they apply it for. This will give them the ability to induce all the hazards on the ground that come with extra ice and extra snow. (Related: Arctic blast GLOBAL COOLING event to strike American Midwest in coming days; temperatures to plummet 78 degrees BELOW NORMAL.)

The two also discussed how the manipulated cold weather is about to hit the breadbasket of America. “It’s Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and parts of Colorado. The food production in this area is massive. This is what feeds much of the United States,” Adams pointed out. “In terms of wheat, corn, barley, and all these things that are grown in the Midwest and the Upper Midwest, there are devastating temperatures here now.”

Wigington also mentioned that the soils are so radically compromised that they’re nearly sterile. “When you kill the soil microbiome, you turn what was soil into dirt. These types of flash freezes are being used to crush crops all over the globe,” he revealed. He also exposed that the globalists are spraying defoliants that cause leaves to drop off prematurely. There are also various toxic elements such as aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese, and polymer fibers in the air as well as microplastic particles in bottles of so-called clear drinking water.

Farms are also being targeted, according to Wiginton and Adams. “Farmers in Germany are erupting right now with mass protests because the government is taking away the diesel fuel subsidies that made them competitive with other European nations,” Adams cited. The Health Ranger further set self-proclaimed vaccine czar Bill Gates as an example, as he is rolling out aerosolized vaccines. “They’re spraying all kinds of things in the air right now like malathion,” he said referring to the man-made organophosphate insecticide that is commonly used to control mosquitoes and a variety of insects.

These attacks on climate have also caused disruptions on roads, as many traffic accidents occur due to slippery snowy roads. They did lab testing and proved again and again that there are surfactants in the snow, Wigington revealed. “For those that don’t know what that is, it’s what makes soap soapy. It changes the molecular tension of water molecules,” he elaborated. “So, you end up with what is in essence: soap-soaked snow.”

Wigington: There is no turning back the damages of climate engineering

Elsewhere in the show, Adams brought up mainstream media’s role in spreading the word and making people aware that we should panic as we may not survive the coming decade. As per Wigington, people must understand that it is an exponential equation. It is unimaginably nonlinear. “That’s what people need to understand to realize and accept that they can’t look backward at a graph at how long it took us to get to this dark place and think that we have an equal amount of time moving forward because we don’t,” he warned. “This is an equation that is accelerating wildly and climate engineering is further fueling that process to an unimaginable degree.”

He also pointed out how we are already way worse than bad because we’ve already been doing this for over 75 years. “We’re not just entering the sixth great mass extinction, we are neck deep in it, which is exponentially worse than any previous known mass extinction in Earth’s long history,” he added.

The author also mentioned his website, where they try to provide tools to help start the conversation on this issue as well as merchandise and printed materials to start spot fires of awareness and merge fires into a blaze that can’t be extinguished.

Check out for more stories related to globalists’ weather manipulation push.

Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Dane Wigington below.


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