A Third Person Tests Positive For Bird Flu


A third person, this one was another dairy farm worker in Michigan, has tested positive for bird flu. But this time, there’s a new symptom setting the control freaks on edge. This person developed respiratory symptoms such as a cough and a sore throat along with eye irritation.

The first two cases were supposedly contained to the eyes of the patients. Now that respiratory symptoms have surfaced, expect the next step to be transmission between humans, because, after all, that’s how they say the flu and other common colds, such as COVID-19 spread from human to human.

“This individual had respiratory symptoms, including a cough, congestion, sore throat, and watery eyes,” Dr. Nirav Shah, the principal deputy director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a briefing Thursday. “What the respiratory symptoms tell us, more than anything, is that this virus, like many viruses, can present in more than one way, and for that reason, we should remain alert, not be alarmed,” he added.

Bird Flu “Vaccines” Are “Authorized” & “Warehoused” As CDC Demands Human Surveillance

According to CNN, a mouthpiece for the ruling class and an obvious fear-mongering outlet, the infected person probably developed lung symptoms because of the route of infection. That means that perhaps the person was infected by breathing in infectious aerosols in the milking parlor instead of rubbing their eyes with contaminated hands.

“With the first case in Michigan, eye symptoms occurred after a direct splash of infected milk to the eye. With this case, respiratory symptoms occurred after direct exposure to an infected cow,” Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, chief medical executive for Michigan, said in a news release. “Neither individual was wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). This tells us that direct exposure to infected livestock poses a risk to humans and that PPE is an important tool in preventing spread among individuals who work on dairy and poultry farms. We have not seen signs of sustained human-to-human transmission, and the current health risk to the general public remains low.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still say that the risk to humans is “low.” It is tough to say, however, when they will change their tune so they can inject the dumbed-down masses with their warehoused “vaccines.”

None of the three people confirmed to have contracted the bird flu had contact with each other, but all worked with cattle, suggesting that they are instances of cow-to-human transmission. The other two cases involved eye infections or conjunctivitis. The most recently infected worker had some mild eye symptoms but was not diagnosed with conjunctivitis, like the others.

“Given the high magnitude of interactions between people and dairy cows as well as with contaminated milking equipment, it is unsurprising that there are more human infections,” said Dr. Seema Lakdawala, an infectious disease specialist at Emory University who is studying how the virus is transmitting in dairy barns. “Every time the virus is able to replicate in a person, there is the potential for the virus to adapt to humans and gain molecular features for replication in the respiratory tract and to spread person-to-person,” Lakdawala said.

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