A Mexican Man Has Died Of Bird Flu


Health authorities claim that a man in Mexico has died from a type of bird flu called H5N2 that has never before been found in a human being. Right now, the bird flu strain circulating in cattle in the United States is getting the most attention, and we know that as the H5N1 strain. So what does this mean going forward?

The World Health Organization has said that it doesn’t know how the man in Mexico contracted the virus but did say that the H5N2 strain had been detected in poultry in Mexico.

This is the first laboratory-confirmed human case of infection with an influenza A(H5N2) virus reported globally and the first avian H5 virus infection in a person reported in Mexico.

The U.S. Ruling Class Is Set To “Invest” Millions In Another mRNA “Vaccine”

According to family members, the WHO release said, the patient had been bedridden for unrelated reasons before developing a fever, shortness of breath, and diarrhea on April 17th. Mexico’s public health department said in a statement that he had underlying ailments, including chronic kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

It is likely that the several comorbidities that he suffered from contributed to his death. With chronic kidney failure and diabetes, his body was already going through a lot of stress.

ABC News reported that the man had initially sought out hospital care on April 24th. Tests later confirmed that he suffered from some type of the flu. Later tests confirmed he had contracted H5N2.

The ruling classes including the WHO continue to say the risk to people in Mexico is low, and that no other human cases have been discovered so far despite testing people who came in contact with the deceased at home and in the hospital. That means, as of right now, they want people to believe that this strain of bird flu is not being transmitted between people.

The real concern for the ruling health officials is that they can’t seem to find a “connection” between this man and poultry.

A Third Person Tests Positive For Bird Flu

It seems like this bird flu plandemic is continuing to ramp up. The only question seems to be “when?” When will the rulers release the news that this is deadly, transmits person to person, and can everything can be solved by getting injected with another mRNA concoction?

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