TESTED: Training With the 5.11 Tactical PT-R Inure Runner


To stay fit for rural or urban activities, it takes a workout, and one of the most important parts of your attire is your footwear for pain-free stability and traction. New to the market is the 5.11 Tactical PT-R Inure Runner Sneaker. This lightweight, high-performance sneaker was now in my hands, or more aptly, on my feet, to test its many innovative features and all-around fit and feel. So, how did it score after I put it through mile after mile of non-stop (well, some stopping) hardcore use?

5.11 Tactical PT-R Inure Runner

The sneakers were both sporty and streamlined, and they offered a lightweight feel in my hands. Lightweight often equals construction using cheap or inferior materials; definitely not the case with this pair. The stitching was crisp and tight, no loose mends, and firm when tugged. The transition area where fabric meets the rubber was also firmly in place without noticeable off-centering or stress stretching. Overall, the construction appeared solid. As for the design, it exuded simplicity. The sample sent to me was the black and white version (the other color being Pacific Navy) and it was aesthetically pleasing. The sneakers look at home both in the gym or paired with casual attire as you traverse your day.

Fit & Feel

One true step toward success is always the fit of the sneaker. Here, no matter how nice of a design or construction it is, if it doesn’t fit well and causes more discomfort than coziness for your feet, then it’s practically worthless for you. My foot is wide, yet the Inure handled it well, giving in at just the right points to allow a snug, yet form-fitting envelopment of my foot. The laces were easily tightened with the knot firmly staying in place (I can’t take when laces come undone constantly during a workout) during my initial testing. With both sneakers on, and a few brisk steps forward and around my house to break them in, I was ready to hit the gym. 


On the treadmill, the sneakers performed very well, gripping every step of the moving platform as I ran. Here is where I felt its lightweight design in a realistic scenario. There was no clunkiness to my steps, nor did I feel weighted down as I ran. Additionally, in the past, I experienced my feet actually shifting within the sneaker as heat and sweat built up during a long run, but I was pleasantly surprised that didn’t happen with the Inure. One of its features is a mesh upper that allows for circulation of sweat from an intense workout and that was precisely what I experienced on the treadmill. For all my other gym activities, this sneaker stepped up. It offered excellent grip on all surfaces, while not being to “sticky” or causing me to slightly trip as I moved about. 

I have only good things to say about 5.11’s PR-R Inure Runner. It performed excellently throughout my time at the gym and while running my daily errands. It definitely can be used in many locations, from work, to the gym, to going out, and you won’t feel out of place. I foresee with its durability and overall construction that this pair will be with me for a while, and I highly recommend that the Inure should be part of your footwear collection, too.

For more info, visit 511tactical.com.  

Tread on 5.11 PT-R Inure.

5.11 Tactical PT-R Inure Runner Specs

  • MATERIALS: Breathable upper mesh, rubber outsole 
  • SIZES: From size 4 to size 15 
  • WIDTH: regular or wide width 
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Black/White or Pacific Navy
  • MSRP: $125

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