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Building on the success of the T6Xi series tactical riflescopes, Steiner Optics, known for precision made riflescopes and binoculars with industry leading light transmission and clarity, announces the H6Xi riflescopes, tailored for today’s discerning big game hunter, are now being with a new MIL reticle for enhanced precision. The new STR-MIL reticle (Steiner Tree Reticle) being introduced on the H6Xi riflescope was developed by the Steiner USA team as a MIL-based tree reticle that bridges the gap between Steiner’s military heritage [with products like the M-Series and T-Series scopes] and classic hunting scopes.  This reticle gives customers who are familiar with MIL-based systems in their competition setup a more lightweight tool to use in their hunting setup.  Additionally, this elevates the whole H6Xi family by providing additional crossover capability (tactical/precision hunting) as a flexible, lightweight option for a tactical setup as well.  The precise tree reticle, with 0.2 mrad subtensions, gives the shooter the ability to dial or holdover with near-equal precision for both drop and wind holdoff.  In practice, using the tree reticle hold is quicker than dialing and can be especially helpful for shooters who prefer to leave their elevation turret fully capped – another feature included with every H6Xi.

The Steiner H6Xi is crafted for hunters seeking an optic that promises impeccable precision, adaptability, and optical performance, all while thriving in challenging hunting terrains. Consisting of three models, the H6Xi series caters to a variety of needs. The first focal plane 6x optical system is available in zoom ranges of 2-12x42mm, 3-16x50mm, and 5-30x50mm, setting unparalleled standards for German-inspired, American-crafted hunting scopes. Forged from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the H6Xi’s 30mm tube assures durability with its waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof attributes. Its design prioritizes weight efficiency and compactness. Furthermore, hunters will appreciate the additional features tailored for challenging shots. Steiner’s acclaimed HD (high density) lenses guarantee supreme optical clarity and optimal light transmission.

In addition to the new STR-MIL reticle, the H6Xi series is also available with the Modern Hunting Reticle (MHR) option, offering duplex crosshairs for swift aiming at lower magnifications and illuminated markings for precise wind drift and bullet drop calculations at higher zoom levels. Coupled with a 92% light transmission and expansive field of view, the H6Xi promises quick identification and target engagement in demanding conditions. The design incorporates a streamlined elevation turret, minimizing potential obstructions common in hunting scopes. Enhanced readability, tactile feedback with distinct clicks, and a zero click stop empower hunters with confident adjustments, especially in dim lighting. A shielded windage knob ensures protection against accidental movement during rugged use. To adapt to varied shooting scenarios, the H6Xi boasts 11 illumination settings, catering to both day and low-light conditions. The focus adjustment knob ensures precision parallax correction across a broad range, from 25 yards to infinity, ensuring consistent point-of-aim/point-of-impact alignment. Ergonomically refined, the H6Xi also prioritizes portability—a crucial factor for contemporary backcountry hunters. Its knobs and power adjustment ring feature pronounced knurling for assured grip, even with gloves. The diopter’s locking ring prevents unintentional focus shifts.

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