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TACTICAL TOOLS OF THE TRADE – PART 1: Whether you are a military professional, law enforcement tactical operator, or civilian placed in an environment where deadly force may be necessary, it goes without saying that firearms play a critical role in successfully accomplishing a mission or protecting you and your loved ones from harm. Unfortunately, a key element critical to surviving an armed encounter is often overlooked by military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. When the shiitake hits the overheated wok and it’s time to go “guns on” during a critical incident, the ability to defend your teammates and yourself against ballistic threats is nearly as imperative as proficiency with a reliable accurate firearm.

United Shield Ballistic Protection

Shot Show 2022 wasn’t lacking in exhibitors with cutting-edge, world-class body armor, helmets, and ballistic shields. I met up with Ken and his team at the United Shield International booth and was introduced to the latest generation of previously mentioned protective gear. Of particular interest was a groundbreaking, wirelessly controlled, staggeringly bright LED light and United Shields ‘ERT’ Level III-A ballistic shield. The shield’s light may be utilized in constant on, momentary on, or ‘turbo-strobe’ (disorienting doesn’t do justice to this setting) and utilizes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. During my 25 year career as the lead element on DEA and state/local tactical entry teams, we commonly left our shield at the front door due to its weight and inadequate illumination capability. The new United Shield/Synergy Light designed system, attached to United Shield ‘ERT’ level III-A shield, is a gamechanger … one that would have precluded my team’s sad, lonely shield being left out in the cold during hundreds of high-risk entries.

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