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FALCO Holsters, a global leader in crafting innovative holsters and EDC accessories, announces the launch of the A909, a new Appendix Hybrid IWB holster designed to carry a handgun plus a spare magazine. Katarína Zacharová, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FALCO Holsters, explained, “This innovative product caters to people seeking comfort, functionality, and quick access to their firearms. Combining natural leather with robust Kydex delivers the best of both worlds in one dependable holster.”

Key features of the A909 include:

  • Natural Leather: Constructed from two layers of premium Italian leather, it is engineered to shape around the body for maximum comfort and stability. The leather provides a forgiving point between the handgun holster and magazine pouch, enhancing flexibility. Additionally, the inner side of the platform is lined with soft, luxurious calfskin, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • Genuine U.S. Kydex: Repeatable holstering is ensured with just-right retention and flawless draws due to the .08” Kydex.
  • Stability: Equipped with two polymer belt clips, the A909 ensures unmatched stability for IWB carry. The main gun clip is positioned above the handgun area, while a slimmer support clip near the magazine pouch secures and balances the holster without movement. Clips are available for 1.5 or 1.75-inch belt widths.
  • Magazine Pouch: The integrated magazine pouch is essential for quick reloads and for handling malfunctions. In a self-defense situation, the extra magazine can be quickly accessed and swapped if a gun jams.
  • Open Top and Bottom Design: The open top facilitates quick access, ensuring reaction time is as fast as possible, while the open bottom accommodates threaded barrels and prevents dirt accumulation, keeping the holster clean and ready.
  • Versatility: The A909 is custom fit for a wide variety of handguns and magazines.
  • Optional Claw Attachment: This tool offers an extra layer of concealment by tucking the handgun grip discreetly against the body, making it an ideal choice for those needing deeper concealment.
  • Quality: This is a holster worthy of a prized firearm, and with proper care, it may also live up to the lifespan of your sidearm. FALCO Signature Stitching adds a final touch to the quality and longevity of the A909. The edges are hand-finished and colored to protect them from everyday wear.
  • Enhanced Comfort: While popular for fast access, the appendix carry position is often uncomfortable for people when seated. Traditional Kydex holsters can dig into the skin, causing discomfort. The A909 addresses this with a leather sweat guard that adapts to your body shape, preventing discomfort and enhancing wearability. The soft calfskin interior further improves comfort, ensuring all-day wear without irritation.

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