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Even more than whitetail hunters, turkey guys are fanatics. It’s with good reason, though! Few things are better than working a bird in and hearing them gobble just a few yards away. From blinds and calls to ammo and decoys, there is a lot that goes into turkey hunting. One of the most important parts is the shotgun, of course. To the uninitiated, any old shotgun should do the trick, right? Very wrong. With birds all over North America, it’s important to select a shotgun that fits your region’s terrain and style of hunting. Many hunters, myself included, like to hunt over decoys in a field from a blind. It’s fun to work a bird in and watch them display. It’s important to have a shotgun that’s setup for longer shots when hunting over a field. Hunters that stick to thick woods will want a shorter barrel for easier maneuvering and rapid shots. Most go for semiauto or pump-action shotguns, but there is a unique crowd that like over/under shotguns for turkey hunting. Those guys like to set up one barrel for longer shots and the other for close-range work. They cover a lot of ground, and the experienced hunter knows that turkeys can pop out of nowhere at any range. Finally, there is the classic single-shot shotgun, ideal for youth hunters and first timers. Regardless of your region and hunting style, here are some of our favorite turkey shotgun options from every end of the price spectrum.

Semiauto Turkey Shotguns

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Mossberg)

Mossberg has introduced several new shotguns in its new 940 Pro line. The 940 Pro Turkey is available with an 18.5- or 24-inch barrel, and both models are optic-ready with large controls. The 18.5-inch barrel is ideal for hunting in the woods with closer shots, and the longer 24-inch barrel is great for longer shots hunting over a field. With the large controls, it’s easy to reload quickly, and the unique optic cut into the receiver helps keep a red dot as low as possible on the gun. The 940 Pro Turkey also features a HIVIZ CompSight fiber-optic front sight for those who don’t prefer red dots. With premium, extended chokes and even more features, this is a great out-of-the-box turkey shotgun.

MSRP: $1,189


Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Turkey

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Turkey
(Photo courtesy of Benelli)

The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Turkey is definitely the most expensive turkey shotgun in this list, but there is a lot to like on this gun. This semiauto has Benelli’s Inertia-driven action, which is famous for its reliability. It’s red-dot ready and comes pre-installed with the Burris FastFire red-dot sight. With a 24-inch, ported barrel, it’s a great option for hunting open fields. The barrel and chokes feature Benelli’s CRIO treatment process, which improves pattern density. As a final touch, the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 is finished in the Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern.

MSRP: $3,399

Tristar Viper G2 Turkey

Tristar Viper G2 Turkey
(Photo courtesy of Tristar)

The Tristar Viper G2 Series shotgun line are some of the most underrated shotguns on the market. These Turkish-made shotguns have a lot of premium features at affordable prices. The Viper G2 Turkey boasts a pistol grip and bronze barrels and receiver finish. It’s available in 12, 20, and 28 gauge and .410 bore. With a 24-inch barrel and fiber-optic front sight, it’s a great option for blind hunting over a field, and it has a picatinny rail on top for mounting red dots. The Viper G2 uses Benelli-style, extended chokes, and weight ranges from 6- to 6.8 pounds. All-in-all, there is a lot to like at a nice price point.


MSRP: $810-$870

CZ-USA CZ1012 All-Terrain

CZ-USA CZ1012 All-Terrain
(Photo courtesy of CZ-USA)

CZ-USA is most famous for its premium competition pistols, unique Scorpions, excellent bolt-action rifles and much more. They also make some fantastic shotguns, including the CZ 1012 All-Terrain with an OD Green receiver and barrel and Turkish walnut stock. With an MSRP of $749, it’s a highly affordable semiauto, but CZ-USA shotguns are remarkably reliable. It has a 28-inch barrel, 3-inch chamber, extended choke tubes, sling-swivel studs and bead front sight. This is a perfect shotgun for new turkey hunters, but it will serve experienced hunters well, too.

MSRP: $749

Retay Gordion Turkey 

Retay Gordion semiauto shotgun turkey
(Photo courtesy of Retay)

Retay is a new player in the outdoor community, but shotguns are their specialty. The Gordion is Retay’s semiauto turkey shotgun, but they also have a GPS pump-action turkey gun featured in this list. The Gordion uses a rotating-bolt inertia system, and it’s available in 12 gauge (24-inch barrel) or 20 gauge (22-inch barrel). It features a nice vertical-style pistol grip along with a fiber-optic font sight and Picatinny rail section on top for red dots. With a sub-$1,000 price tag, it’s a reliable shotgun that won’t break the bank.

MSRP: $949

Franchi Affinity 3 Turkey

Franchi Affinity 3 turkey shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Franchi)

Franchi makes a lot of nice rifles, but its shotgun line is a lot of fun with many great features. The Affinity 3 Turkey comes with extended choke tubes, a pistol grip stock, over-sized controls and an adjustable shim kit. The chrome-lined, 24-inch barrel is powered by an inertia-driven action with a 3-inch chamber. The Franchi Affinity 3 comes with a hooded Tru-Glo fiber-optic front sight, but the receiver has also been drilled and tapped to add an optics rail. Lastly, the entire Affinity 3 features a Mossy Oak Bottomland finish.

MSRP: $1,049

Pump-Action Turkey Shotguns

Winchester SXP Long Beard

Winchester SXP Long Beard Turkey Shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Winchester)

No turkey shotgun roundup is complete without a Winchester pump-action. The Winchester SXP LongBeard pump-action shotgun is a true turkey gun. From an excellent pistol grip, interchangeable comb and extra-long choke tubes to fiber optic sights and a drop-out trigger group for easy cleaning, there is a lot to like about this shotgun. With a 24-inch barrel, it weighs in at just under 7 pounds, and it is drilled and tapped for optics, too. It’s a versatile shotgun that’s optimized for turkey, but it would work well on any many other hunts, too. Even with heavy turkey shotshells, the Winchester SXP Long Beard is known for reasonable recoil, plus it’s affordably priced.

MSRP: $590

Mossberg 500 Turkey

Mossberg 500 Turkey pump shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Mossberg)

The Mossberg 500 is iconic. It’s one of the most-produced shotguns in history, and the Mossberg 500 Turkey is that classic shotgun optimized for turkeys. It comes with extended choke tubes, dual extractors, an ambi safety, and a fiber-opic front sight. Plus, the Mossberg 500 aftermarket is one the largest accessories markets you’ll find. It comes in the Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern, and it’s hard to beat the $602 price tag.

MSRP: $602

Browning BPS Field 

Browning BPS Field Pump action shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Browning)

Browning is famous for its pump-action shotguns. The Browning BPS Field is a premium pump-action turkey shotgun that lives up to the Browning name. It comes with three choke tubes, bottom shell ejection, a classic walnut stock and an oversized triggerguard which is great for gloved hands. This 12-gauge shotgun has a 26-inch barrel and weighs in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces. That’s on the heavy side, but a little weight isn’t a bad thing for powerful turkey shotshells.

MSRP: $799-$880

Retay GPS Turkey Shotgun

Retay GPS Turkey pump action shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Retay)

This new company has made some big waves in the shotgun world with many of their offerings. The company’s semiauto, Gordion, turkey offering is also in this list. The GPS stands for Geometric Pump Shotgun, and it is a solid pump-action at a very reasonable price. It comes with a dovetail optic mount, interchangeable chokes and dual-slide action for excellent reliability and speed.

MSRP: $539

Benelli Nova

Benelli Nova pump action shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Benelli)

Most Benelli’s live on the expensive side of the budget spectrum, but the Benelli Nova line maintains Benelli quality at affordable prices. The Benelli Nova pump-action shotgun is available in multiple gauges, barrel lengths and camo patterns, and they’re a nice blend of steel and polymer. They perform well in practically every weather condition, and they have a solid reputation for reliability.

MSRP: $499-$619

Single-Shot Turkey Shotguns

Henry Single-Shot Turkey Camo Shotgun

Henry Single Shot Turkey Shotgun
(Photo courtesy of Henry)

Yes, Henry is most known for its many lever-action rifles, but for turkey hunters who like the simplicity of single-shot shotguns, the Henry Single-Shot Turkey shotgun in the Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern is a great option. It uses Remington-style chokes, and it has a drilled and tapped receiver for mounting an optic. Under the camo is an American walnut stock, which puts the gun at just under 7 pounds. The Henry Single-Shot has a fiber-optic front and rear sight on a 24-inch barrel.

MSRP: $756

Savage 301 Turkey Obsession

Savage 301 Turkey Obsession
(Photo courtesy of Savage Arms)

With an MSRP of $227, the Savage 301 Obsession single-shot turkey shotgun is the most affordable shotgun in this list. It’s a great option for youth hunters that want an affordable, lightweight gun that’s simple to use. Available in 12 or 20 gauge or .410 bore, it has a 26-inch barrel optimized for the Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS turkey shotshell. It boasts a TruGlo front sight and top Picatinny rail for red dots, plus it comes with an extended choke tube.

MSRP: $277

Rossi Tuffy Turkey

Rossi Tuffy Turkey
(Photo courtesy of Rossi)

Rossi is most known for its affordable rimfire rifles and revolvers, but the Rossi Tuffy Turkey is an affordable, lightweight single-shot turkey gun with some impressive features. The buttstock has a unique, integral shell caddy that holds 4 extra shells. It has a Picatinny rail section on top with a 26-inch barrel, but it doesn’t have a rear sight. This gun is another good option for youth turkey hunters that don’t want to lug around a heavy shotgun, plus it has a nice price point at $280.

MSRP: $280

Over/Under Turkey Shotguns

CZ-USA Reaper Magnum

CZ-USA Reaper Magnum
(Photo courtesy of CZ-USA)

Another great turkey gun from CZ-USA is the Reaper Magnum over/under shotgun. It comes with five, extended chokes, which is great for hunters that like to move around a lot. One barrel can be loaded for farther shots, while the other can be set up for close range. Hunters that cross a lot of ground and go from field to woods will find this setup most effective. The CZ Reaper Magnum also has a Picatinny rail section on top for mounting red dots, and it features a red fiber-optic front sight. Available in a camo finish, the Reaper Magnum is a unique turkey shotgun.

MSRP: $1,099

Browning Cynergy Turkey

Browning Cynergy Turkey
(Photo courtesy of Browning)

A new-for-2023 SHOT Show Special, the Browning Cynergy Turkey is an over/under shotgun with premium features optimized for turkey hunting. Hunters that like to cover a lot of ground like the ability to have one barrel set up for long shots and one for close-range hunting. It features a Marble-Arms rear sight and fiber-optic front, and it has a very short section of Picatinny rail for mounting red dots. Five choke tube are included for custom barrel setup, and an adjustable comb is a feature rarely seen on turkey shotguns. With a $2,650 MSRP, it’s an expensive over/under turkey gun, but it’s in line with Browning prices.

MSRP: $2,650

Tristar Hunter Mag II

Tristar Hunter Mag II
(Photo courtesy of Tristar)

The Tristar Hunter Mag II is the most affordable of the over/under turkey shotguns in this list, but it still has many of the same features. It comes with five Benelli-style choke tubes, and you never need to worry about jams or malfunctions with an over/under turkey shotgun. There are several options, all 12 gauge, but barrels range in length from 26 to 30 inches. Multiple camo patterns are available, and it has a fiber optic front sight. There is no rail section for red dots, but the rib is compatible with shotgun specific red dots like the Aimpoint Micro S-1.

MSRP: $885

Selecting the right shotgun can be an arduous process, and this list is just the starting point. Be sure to have a complete idea of where you’ll be hunting and the style you like best. Once you have that down, one of these shotguns is sure to fit the bill, but double check that it has all the features you need for a successful hunt. However you chase birds, be safe and good luck out there this spring!

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