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Finding the right gift for the hunting and shooting enthusiasts on your shopping list can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with firearms, optics and related gear. Believe it or not, though, “Gun Guys” are actually the easiest demographic to shop for in the world. It’s about that time to start thinking about gift shopping, and this could be the year you don’t put everthing off to the last minute! The editors of Firearms News have put together a dream “Wish List” that would make any firearms enthusiast smile like a kid’s first Christmas, and we have something for every budget. From rifle accessories and suppressors to reloading and optics, these gift ideas are the perfect for your special someone. 

Bravo Company Manufacturing AR Accessories 


Does someone in the family already own an AR rifle? Rifle accessories from BCM are an affordable and effective way to upgrade an AR. The BCM Ambidextrous MK2 Charging Handle is one of the easiest upgrades over a standard Mil-Spec design. The BCM Stock Mod 2 SOPMOD is one of the most popular buttstocks for an AR on the market today, and there are literally dozens of BCM pistol grips that are quick and easy to install on an AR. BCM MCMR-SM QD sling mounts, BCM Foregrips, BCM Handguards and Foregrips are all great upgrades for an AR, too. BCM AR accessories are probably the best stocking stuffers you can get for the “Gun Guy” in the family. MSRP: $20-$90

Folds of Honor Hoodie: Freedom Isn’t Free


The Folds of Honor hoodie is more than just comfortable apparel; it’s a symbol of deep respect for the sacrifices and service of American heroes. Designed for proud patriots who understand that freedom isn’t free, this pullover blends the standard comfort of a favorite pullover with an athletic fit and a two-ply hood, making it suitable for both workdays and weekends. By wearing this pullover, you not only enjoy its cozy features but also proudly support the Folds of Honor mission. MSRP: $65


Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press


Has someone in the family been awesome this year? Well, the Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press is a big-ticket item that will get a reaction bigger than your kid’s first Christmas. This 10-station, auto-indexing progressive press rivals models that are twice the cost, and it was designed by true reloading enthusiasts. The X-10 includes a case-actuated powder measure, case feeder, dual de-capping stations and integrated LED light. The X-10 has multiple shell pates available to quickly swap between different calibers, and features an in-line primer pocket swaging ability for large and small primers. This X-10 is one of the most advanced progressive presses on the market and is the ultimate option for progressive reloaders. MSRP: $1,199

Caldwell Flashbang AR500 Steel Target Hit Indicator


The Caldwell Flash Bang AR500 Steel Target Hit Indicator is a unique accessory that makes shooting steel a lot more fun. It easily attaches to AR500 steel targets and features bright, green LED lights triggered by bullet on impact on the steel target. The Flash Bang is especially ideal for targets at distance where it’s challenging to confirm a hit, but they’re a lot of fun for close-range shooting, too. They’re powered with three AA batteries and boasts a 30,000-impact battery life. The 10 lights are visible for thousands of yards and are compatible with any steel target greater that five inches in diameter. MSRP: $29

Silencer Central Banish 22 Rimfire Suppressor 


Once you shoot with a suppressor, it’s hard to ever shoot without one. Silencer Central truly has the easiest way to go about buying a suppressor. One of the biggest advantages is the One-Shot trust they include for free with every suppressor purchase, and they handle all the paperwork to seamlessly get approval. Once everything is in place, they even ship your new suppressor to the front door. If you’re not sure what suppressor to get, you can’t ever go wrong with a rimfire suppressor, but Silencer Central has options for every caliber, big or small, and you can even do a gift card for a loved one if you’re not sure where to start. MSRP: $499

Swampfox Raider Micro Prism Sight 


The new Swampfox Raider Micro Prism sight combines the best features of a red-dot sight with an etched reticle like in a traditional scope. The Raider uses a bullet rise compensation design horseshoe-style reticle or a single dot and is available in red or green illumination. The big advantage to a micro prism sight is that the reticle works with or without illumination, unlike a red dot. When it is illuminated, there is no “starburst” effect because it’s the etched reticle that illuminates as opposed to projecting a laser onto the reticle like a red dot. The Raider uses the popular T-2 pattern mounting interface and comes with a flat Picatinny rail attachment, but a 1.93-inch Outlaw Mount is also available to raise the sight higher above a rail. The Swampfox Raider is perfect for AR-style rifles, but it has a lot of potential for any firearm with a pic rail. MSRP: $279

Sarco Inc, German Panzerschreck Rock


Sarco, Inc. has an extensive inventory of unique firearms and replicas. From replica machine gun kits to vintage guns, they have a bit of everything for everyone. One item that stands out is the German WWII Panzerschreck Rocket Launcher (non-firing). What do you do with something like this? Well, every man cave needs an attention grabber, and it’s hard to beat a rocket launcher! It’s a full-size replica, so you’ll need some space to display it properly. If this is a bit much for the house, then Sarco, Inc. still has an extensive inventory that’s sure to have something that fits the bill. MSRP: $300

LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger


The LaRue Tactical MBT-2S trigger comes standard on LaRue rifles, but it is also the perfect trigger upgrade for any Mil-Spec AR. Known for their attention to detail, LaRue meticulously hand-builds each trigger from premium S7 tool steel to get a glass-smooth, incredibly consistent trigger. This two-stage trigger has a smooth 2.5-pound first stage and a clean-breaking 2-pound second stage pull. The MBT-2S trigger is available with a straight-bow design or the standard curved design and has proven to be one of the most reliable triggers on the market. MSRP: $115

Shadow Systems Compensator


Dubbed simple the “Compensator,” from Shadow Systems, this new comp is an awesome upgrade for existing Shadow Systems MR920, DR920 and XR920 pistols and slides. However, it also works well on many other pistols with threaded barrels. A good compensator reduces perceived recoil and greatly improves target transitions and repeatable hits. The Shadow Systems comp has an easy-install clamping system to securely keep the comp in place without damaging a barrel’s threads. MSRP: $100

Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph


If you have a family member that is a serious shooter, then a chronograph is one of the most important tools they’ll use. With the new Xero C1 Pro, Garmin is clearly going after LabRadar, and at a glance, they’ve set the Xero C1 Pro up for success. The first thing that stands out is the size; it’s small! Measuring 3×2.8×1.4 inches, it will easily fit inside any range bag. The screen fills up the entire rear of the chronograph, and the device is controlled with some top-mounted buttons. Garmin states the new Xero C1 Pro can accurately take velocity measurements from 100 to 5,000 feet per second, and like other chronos, it will provide average velocity, extreme spread and standard deviation. What makes this new chrono stand out is its ability to also measure kinetic energy in foot-pounds as well as power factor. That has my attention, and it’s a unique new feature that provides data not previously available easily to the average shooter. MSRP: $599

Bushnell Match Pro ED 15×56 Binos


Two years ago Bushnell released a set of 15x56mm monsters called Forge binoculars. This year Bushnell launched their Match Pro ED 15x56mm which is basically the Forge in a different color but with a MIL reticle they call The Shot-Call MRAD. That means spotting just became their primary role. This reticle rotates within the barrel as well, giving you flexibility in how you use it and allowing it to stay level. They also have dual adjustable diopter so you can get everything including the reticle in focus. BridgeSet IPD stabilizer lets you set your barrel distance so you don’t have to adjust it as conditions change. There are also two places (front or rear) to place the tripod adapter. MSRP: $699.99

Streamlight TLR-7 Sub


Designed to enhance visibility and targeting capability, the lightweight Streamlight TLR-7 sub is a 500 lumen weapon light that securely attaches to select subcompact handguns. Interchangeable rear paddle switches are included and allow you to customize your TLR-7 sub to your shooting style. MSRP: $253.66

MyOutdoorTV Gift Cards – 30% Off!


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