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As you can see there are many ways to spot. During ELR competitions, shooting out to 2 miles the Swaro’s really shine. A lot goes into picking the right spotting scope, here are some excellent models to consider.

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Having options is a good thing. As shooters, whether for target shooting or hunting, observation is critical and should not be underestimated. Binoculars are a sensible choice. They are typically rather compact and easy to keep on you or in your gear. Another benefit of binos is the ability to use both eyes. This prevents fatigue and eye strain. But there are some instances, many in fact where a solid spotting scope is best. When it comes to long-range shooting, the spotting scope is still king and allows for greater magnification to reach out and really see what’s going on. Also, many hunters like to use spotters for glassing for the same reason. When looking for a spotting scope, image quality is without a doubt the number one factor. Magnification may trump that depending on your specific requirements. Obviously spotters will be bigger and heavier than binos and you’ll need a tripod to make the most of your efforts. When it comes to spotting for precision shooting, having a spotter with a reticle makes all the difference in the world. With a good MIL reticle you can give precise ballistic/hold corrections to your shooting partner. You can also estimate range and target size. I feel it’s important to have both a good set of binos and a good spotter for options. Here are a few spotters to consider.

Nightforce TS-82 Xtreme HI-Def

The Nightforce TS-82 Xtreme HI-Def is an excellent design which has proven durable and reliable. A large, knurled focus ring is smooth and easy to operate. Front ring includes the tripod mount.

The TS-82 has a 20x to 70x magnification range and comes in both straight and angled versions. The body is made from aluminum with a tough rubberized exterior, and it features a large focus ring around the center of the body which allows for precise focusing. Nightforce uses APO fluorite glass for a bright, crisp image. I’ve been running one of these spotters for several years and it’s proven durable and reliable. MSRP: $2,900


Tract Toric UHD 27-55x80mm

The Tract Toric UHD 27-55x80mm features Schott HT glass for excellent optical performance.

This spotter from Tract is angled with a standard magnification range of 27x-55x. But the Toric allows you to change out the eye pieces to provide you with different magnification ranges and the addition of a reticle. You can buy a 22x fixed or 30x fixed eyepiece for the Toric. The eyepiece is easily switched out. Both feature an offset MIL reticle that allow you to make corrections. Schott HT glass and an ED lens ensure a great image. MSRP: $1,494

Leupold Mark 4

While the Mark 4 is tough and built for professional use, a cover is a must to guarantee years of use.

If you’ve seen any decent “sniper” topic films, you’ve likely seen a spotter using Leupold’s Mark 4. If you’ve seen any actual sniper team footage or images, again, you’ve likely seen the Mark 4 and for good reason. The Mark 4 is built tough to take on the rigors of professional use. The Mark 4 is labeled a “tactical” spotting scope. It features a straight ocular and the objective sits below it. Leupold calls it Folded light path technology. This keeps the Mark 4 compact, and lightweight which is another reason why it’s used by serious professionals. The image is exceptional thanks to their Professional-Grade Optical system. You get great light transmission even in low light. A carbon fiber housing keeps the optic protected. One key benefit of the Mark 4 is the many reticle options you can choose from—H-32, inverted H-32, TMR, Mil-Dot and now Tremor 4 just to name a few. They are available in 12-40x and 20-60x models. MSRP: $1699.99 – $2825.99

Swarovski BTX Spotting Scope System

The Swarovski BTX Spotting Scope System is a premium option. The BTX is a substantial device that needs proper support. It’s a total investment.

In the world of spotting scopes, the BTX is definitely the heavy-hitter. It’s the premium option for the individual who is serious about spotting. As the name implies the BTX is a system that contains two main, yet separate parts. The first is the BTX eyepiece module which is the ocular portion that you look through. This module allows you to use both eyes, like binoculars and it attaches to a main objective piece that provides the magnification. It’s a rather slick system. Objective sizes are available in 65, 85, 95, and a whopping 115mm and the price increases with each, so choose wisely. The eyepiece module features a forehead rest and an angled view. The image through the Swaros is simply stunning and an experience you won’t forget once you’ve peered through them. These aren’t for the faint of heart, because they are quite an investment, but well worth it if you want the best viewing experience ever. MSRP: $4,664 – $6,997


Bushnell LMSS2  Elite Tactical 8-40×60

Bushnell’s LMSS2 Elite Tactical 8-40x60mm is a very rugged design with Horus reticles for spotting. An included rail expands the possibility with the LMSS spotting system. Adding other visual aids can be very helpful.

Compact and rugged. The Bushnell LMSS2 Elite Tactical spotter honestly feels more like a lead pipe that can be used as a hammer, than an awesome spotting scope. It’s not overly heavy it just feels like it can take everything, but Bushnell does call it military-grade. This is a serious spotter that includes a pic rail that can be positioned on different sides of the scope. It can be placed at 3, 12, and 9 o’clock and you can buy more rails to outfit all sides. The rubber overloading is quite hefty and even the lens cap is durable. The zoom lever can be removed as well. Inside the LMSS2 gets real, usable reticles from the Horus line-up in the way of the TREMOR 4 or H322. These reticles are invaluable to the serious precision shooter. When it comes to the LMSS2 only serious users need apply. MSRP: $1,749.99

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