Zaxby’s Fast Food Armed Robbery Foiled By Armed Citizen


ALPHARETTA, GA – An armed citizen recently intervened in an attempted armed robbery in Georgia, shooting the armed robber and chasing him off. The alleged perpetrator attempted to rob the manager of a fast food restaurant in the parking lot of his store when a patron emerged with a pistol and put a stop to it.

The alleged suspect is in custody, and the shooter is expected to face no charges.

Fast Food Folly Foiled By Firing On Felon

According to Fox5 Atlanta, an attempted armed robbery outside of a Zaxby’s (a fried chicken chain) in Alpharetta, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, was foiled by an armed citizen on Sept. 10.

The 57-year-old male perpetrator approached the assistant manager around closing time in the parking lot, holding him up with a weapon and demanding cash. A man in the parking lot noticed the stick-up as he went into the restaurant to order food.

The bystander drew a concealed firearm and went to intervene. As the robber began to point his gun at the intervening bystander, the bystander fired at least twice, striking the robber twice in the leg. Authorities were called around the time of the shooting.

The robber fled into the nearby woods but was found by the Alpharetta Police Department and taken to an area hospital. Upon release from treatment, he will be arrested and will face charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, and felon in possession.

The manager was taken to the hospital to be checked out but is said to be shaken up by the incident.

The shooter is not likely to face charges, as Georgia law allows for intervention in the commission of a crime with deadly force if a person reasonably believes that death or grave bodily harm will result if they don’t act.

A Nearly Perfect Intervention

Whether or not to intervene in a crime in progress is a talking point in the armed citizen community.

Obviously, we don’t want to be victims of crime, and that’s why we carry a gun, and we don’t – in general – like crime all that much. However, the pros and cons of intervening or intervening in a conflict is something everybody has to consider for themselves.

The Brave New World of Non-Intervention

With that said, this would be a textbook example of a good intervention. It was all but flawless. The shooter had a certain amount of the drop on the robber but didn’t start firing immediately. The robber was moving his gun toward the shooter, a deadly threat. The shooter fired twice but didn’t pursue or try to s

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