Zastava Arms to Showcase Bullet Casing Dresses at SHOT Show 2024


At SHOT Show 2024, Zastava will showcase dresses made from bullet casings, from fashion brand LET HER by designer and competitive shooter Miona (pictured).

We all know Zastava Arms as a firearms manufacturer, Serbia’s premier maker of Kalashnikov-pattern rifles and more. In addition to their dozens of famed AK models, Zastava also produces quite a few other weapons, from handguns to bolt-action rifles and even a couple of anti-aircraft artillery pieces for their many national military customers. They have been in the weapons manufacturing business for more than 170 years, with their foundry’s first cannon barrels having been cast in Serbia’s fourth-largest city of Kragujevac (Крагујевац) all the way back in 1853. Now for SHOT Show this year, they’re partnering with Miona Badžević Anđelković, a Serbian entrepreneur, competitive shooter, fashionista, media personality, extreme sportswoman, humanitarian, and more. Zastava’s SHOT Show presentation will feature some of Miona’s exquisite fashion handiwork from her “LET HER” brand, in the form of dresses made of leather and brass shell casings. Check out the recent social media announcement about their collaboration with Miona to bring these incredible creations to Las Vegas later this month, copied below.

Zastava Arms @ TFB:

In addition to leather-and-metal based fashion and her many other activities, Miona is an accomplished competitive shooter.


A closer look at some of the brass used to construct one of Miona's dresses which will be showcased by Zastava at SHOT this year.


🌟 Exciting News from Zastava at Shot Show 2024! 🌟

Attention Zastava Fans! Brace yourselves for a unique and stunning showcase at our booth during Shot Show 2024! Miona, the powerhouse behind “Zmaj Ognjeni” and the visionary founder of “LET HER,” will be unveiling her latest masterpiece.

👗💥 Introducing: Dresses Crafted from Empty Shell Casings! 💥👗

Miona has ingeniously transformed empty shell casings into breathtaking dresses that seamlessly blend the worlds of fashion and firearms. These one-of-a-kind creations not only embody artistry but also symbolize empowerment, strength, and the transformative power of women in the shooting sports community.

Join us at our booth to witness the fusion of elegance and firepower, as Miona’s dresses capture the essence of her commitment to breaking stereotypes and promoting a positive image of firearms.

🏆 International Champion in practical shooting! 🏆 Miona’s achievements extend beyond her club. She is an international champion in practical shooting , showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.
🎉 Exclusive Meet-and-Greet with Miona! 🎉

Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to meet Miona in person, hear the inspiration behind her designs, and learn more about her journey in empowering women through shooting sports.

📆 Save the Date: Shot Show 2024 Booth #14044 📆

Make sure to mark your calendars for Shot Show 2024 and visit our booth to experience the intersection of fashion and firearms like never before! This is a chance to celebrate Miona’s creativity, advocacy, and the unique impact she’s making in the industry.


Now the real question is: what will it take for us to get James, Hop, or Luke to wear one of these amazing pieces for a Zastava TFBTV SHOT Show interview?

These extraordinary dresses will undoubtedly turn quite a few heads and bring extra attention to Zastava Arms at SHOT Show this year. In addition to serving as neat-looking display items and testaments to Miona’s LET HER brand’s refined craftsmanship, they also serve as a unique and cool way to highlight the important involvement of women in shooting sports. It’s outstanding to see one of our favorite AK makers celebrate Miona’s active involvement in the firearms community in Europe in this way. We look forward to seeing what else Zastava Arms has to bring us in Las Vegas later this month, and we hope you will tune in to TFB and TFBTV to learn more along with us. If you will be attending the SHOT Show this year and you happen to pass by this excellent display, please stop to take a photo with these beautiful creations, and tag TFB/TFBTV in posts on social media about them. Видимо се на полигону! See you at the range!

Image courtesy of Zastava Arms USA.

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