Wolf Hunt Gone Wrong



A Montana woman recently claimed she was on a bear hunt, and had purchased a wolf tag in case she came across one while looking for bear. After returning from the trip, she posted photos of a “wolf pup” she had killed, skinned, and clearly intended to make into a trophy. It apparently wasn’t until after her photos began circulating online, and the comments started to pile up, that she began to second guess herself.

What she shot and skinned is (one has to imagine) to anyone with functioning eyes, very clearly a husky, or husky mix dog. Worse, she refers to it as a “pup”, indicating that she intended to kill a juvenile animal. Apparently a large collection of dogs

Her defense was that she believed it to be a wolf pup, (though in later posts she says she believed it to have been a hybrid) and that even if she had known it was a dog, she would have shot it anyway because it was, and we cannot make this up, “…growling howling and coming at me like it was going to eat me”.

While it’s legal to hunt wolves with a tag in Montana, and one has to imagine that she really did believe it to be a wolf (however difficult that mixup might seem) because she posted pictures of herself with it, and its skinned hide, it’s still at best a wildly unfortunate failure as a hunter, gun owner, and human being. The deceased dog was part of a group that was later rescued from the wilderness and taken to a shelter. In total, 11 canines made it out of their encounter with Amber, and we hope at the very least that she’s learned to respect Rule 4 (know your target and what’s beyond it) a bit more.

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