What is Old Is New, Sulun Arms Auslof Mag Tube Fed Break Action Shotgun


Remember the old ALOFS system? It was made in 1924 by Herman Alofs. It was a magazine tube autoloader that you can bolt onto a single-shot break action shotgun. Well a company in Turkey, Sulun Arms, is making modern versions called Auslof, and Canada is importing them. Sometimes Canada gets cool stuff like this.

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To refresh your memory, here is the video Taofledermaus made filming an original ALOFS system in slow motion.

A lot of people want the ALOFS as do I. But now we don’t have to settle for a near-century-old version. Turkish firearm manufacturer Sulun Arms is making modern-day versions called Auslof and they are available on Tactical Imports’ website.

Here is a video by Sulun Arms showing the Auslof in action.

Tactical Imports offers four different versions of the Auslof shotgun. Satin nickel or black finish, wood or synthetic stocks and two barrel lengths. The four variants are as follows:

  • Synthetic, Black finish 20″ barrel
  • Wood, Black finish 13″ barrel
  • Wood, Satin Nickel 13″ barrel
  • Wood, Satin Nickel, 20″ barrel

Sulun Arms actually makes a variety of barrel lengths: 35 cm, 47 cm, 61 cm, 71 cm, 76 cm (13.77″, 18.5, 24″, 28″, 30″). Interestingly, they make two different magazine sizes, 4+1 and 9+1. You can see the 4+1 in the photo above of the 13″ satin nickel version of the Auslof. The mag tube is just as long as the barrel. Below is the 20″ barreled version of the Auslof and the 9+1 mag tube is as long as the barrel. It seems Tactical Imports got Sulun Arms to make a special length barrel for them as a 20″ (50.8cm) barrel is not listed on Sulun Arms’ website.

Here are the black finish Auslof shotguns from the Tactical Imports website. At the time of this article, 13″ barreled shotguns are still considered unrestricted in Canada.

Here is what Tactical Arms has to say about the Auslof.

Introducing the all-new Auslof shotgun, exclusively from Tactical Imports

The Auslof is a single-shot shotgun with a external magazine and feeding device, it is based on the Alofs system developed by Herman Alofs in 1924. After the first round is fired, the spent case is ejected from the chamber. On the way out, the empty case hits the release lever and the spring-loaded feeder loads a shell into the chamber. When the shotgun is closed it cocks the feeder.

The Auslof combines the compactness of a single shot shotgun with the capability of a tube-fed shotgun, it can be readily folded in half for easy, compact stowage in packs and bags. The Auslof is an interesting and unique shotgun with a mechanism you won’t find anywhere else.

Available in 20” and 13” versions, with Black or Satin Nickel finish. Choice of synthetic stock or premium checkered wood stock with double thickness rubber buttpad.

•Readily folded in half for compact storage and transport
•Interesting and unique operating mechanism
•Double thickness rubber buttpad
•Top quality fit and finish
•Aggressive checkering for sturdy grip
•Steel shot rated
•Interchangeable chokes

Caliber: 12GA 3″
Choke: Interchangeable: Cylinder, Modified, Full Beretta/Benelli Mobil thread)
Extraction Method: Ejectors
Method of Operation: Break-Action
Length: 730mm (28.75″), 920mm (36.25″)
Length Folded: 597mm (23.5″), 622mm (24.5″)
Sights: Brass Bead
Barrel Length: 330mm (13″), 510mm (20″)
Length of Pull: 13.25″ (13″), 14.5″ (20″)
Weight: 2800g (6.2lbs), 3100g (6.8lbs)
Shots 3″: 4+1+1 (13″), 7+1+1 (20″)
Shots 2.75″: 5+1+1 (13″), 8+1+1 (20″)

So it looks like the Auslof can take 3″ and 2.75″ shells. I’m curious if it can take mini shells? the Auslof is exclusive to Tactical Imports and they retail for $399.99 for the black synthetic version. Add $79 for the shorter barrel and wood stock. Add an additional $99 for any of the satin nickel finished versions. I hope someone imports these into the US. They look like fun. I also like the fact that it can fold in half. If you are in Canada and want to find out more information, go to Tactical Imports’ website. You can also see some more information on Sulun Arms’ website.

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