Vertx Delta Stretch LT – Yoga Pants For Gun Slingers


When the term ‘tactical pants’ comes to mind, what image do you conjure? Perhaps the classic cargo pants, reminiscent of the stereotypical guy in 5.11 pants and a polo shirt? That would have been a fitting image a few years back. However, the realm of tactical pants has undergone a significant transformation. Pants like the Vertx Delta Stretch LT now represent a new era of so-called tactical pants.

Even 5.11 now produces modern, non-cargo pants that fall under the category of tactical pants. But what exactly makes a pair of pants ‘tactical’? The answer lies in the marketing strategies of companies like Vertx, 5.11, and similar brands, who have coined this term to describe their not-so-standard pants.

Utility pants make more sense because I rarely do tactical things, but sadly, I’m almost always wearing pants. Pants like the Delta Stretch LT tend to be more utilitarian than normal pants. The difference between my ordinary khakis and the Vertx Delta Stretch LT I’m wearing is measured in miles.

The Delta Stretch LT – What New in Pants

Vertx categorizes these as CCW pants to differentiate between them and their uniform-style cargo pants. The best thing about the modern world of tactical pants is that these just look like normal pants. They allow you to stay gray, so to speak. The Delta Stretch LT pants just kinda look like khakis. Looks can be deceiving, and these pants offer you several features you won’t find on some J.C. Penny dress pants.

You can start with the pockets. You get 14 pockets with the Delta Stretch LT pants. I swear none of these are cargo pockets, and none stand out very much. I probably couldn’t name them all without taking them off and looking.

We have the normal front and back pockets and some hip pockets that are the right size for a modern cell phone or an AR-15 magazine. If you live a life that calls for that, you can pack 60 rounds of 5.56 as your EDC. We also get dedicated tool pockets below the main pockets with reinforced lips to accommodate pocket clips without getting frayed or beaten down.

On the right front, you have two front pockets. The rearmost pocket features a zipper to prevent thievery and increase retention. I toss my pocket gun in here and appreciate the zipper to secure the gun, especially if I’m doing something physical.

Inside the pants and around the belt line is a set of sized concealed carry pockets. They can hold tiny little items, so they seem perfect for something like a hidden key, especially for handcuffs. There just happens to be one right in the center at the rear of the pants.

Getting Stretchy

One of the things I like about this new generation of tactical pants is that there is a serious focus on the comfort level of the pants. That’s a big reason why I keep coming back to Vertx, 5.11, and Viktos for pants because they are so damn comfortable. The Vertx Delta Stretch LT is like yoga pants for men.

They stretch and move just perfectly and fit well. These pants allow you to easily crouch, sit, squat, and do everything from climbing ladders to sprinting. If I had the ability to do a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick, these pants would let me! Realistically, you could actually work out in them if you had some desire to do so.

The pants fall into that lightweight category, which is important to me because it gets hot here in Florida, and I have to wear pants. Sometimes, jeans are painful to wear due to the heat, but the Delta Stretch LT pants don’t make it feel like a swamp in my pants.

Eight belt loops make it easy to pack heat with a rigid belt. The loops can fit up to 1.75-inch belts. Another interesting feature is that each belt loop has a small hidden loop for tethers, lanyards, and similar items. The pants have a ton of little features that I keep finding. I almost feel like a small manual would best explain all this stuff, but that ruins my hidden surprises.

For Daily use

At 90ish dollars, a pair of the Delta Stretch LT pants isn’t cheap. Decking a wardrobe out in Delta Stretch LT pants would be costly, but the pants are very well made. The crotch is fully gusseted, the zippers are all brass YKKs, and the knees have articulated pleats. The heavy wear seems to be double stitched for double the durability.

These pants are rugged, durable, and comfortable. They aren’t cheap, but damn, they are well made. These are feature-filled pants with more pockets than you can shake a stick at! The Vertx Delta Stretch LT pants are clearly a step above not only your average khakis but also the competition’s tactical pants. Check them out if you’re interested in giving your legs an upgrade.

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