TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #84: Remembering Finnish Brutality with Ian from Forgotten Weapons


This week Ian from Forgotten Weapons joins me on the show to talk about his own thoughts on this year’s Finnish Brutality competition. Ian is one member of the core group of people that started up the Brutality Matches here in the United States so I was excited to take the opportunity to pick his brain about Finnish Brutality. Today Ian and I discuss our time spent during the two-day competition, some hurdles we faced, successes we had, and also a great story about Ian stepping on a land mine! So adding to our ongoing coverage of Finnish Brutality 2023, please welcome Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons to the show!

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #84: Remembering Finnish Brutality with Ian from Forgotten Weapons

In our continuing coverage of Finnish Brutality 2023, it’s only appropriate that we bring on one of the founding members of the Brutality Matches – Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons! Ian along with Karl Kasarda of InRange TV started up the series of Brutality Matches back in 2018 after developing them from some local Arizona “Two Gun Action Challenge Matches.” If you want to hear the full story on that, take a look back in our episode archive for our coverage of Woodland Brutality 2022 where Karl Kasarda and Russell Phagan give a full breakdown of how the matches were inspired, and how their unique ruleset works to create a highly fun yet competitive shooting environment. Today Ian joins us to talk about his personal experiences at Finnish Brutality 2023 with me in the media squad, as well as some areas where he thinks he could have done better, and finally, some advice for those considering attending a Brutality match anywhere in the world. Please give a warm welcome to the host of the Forgotten Weapons YouTube channel, Ian McCollum

Ian’s full match breakdown of Finnish Brutality 2023

ForgottenWeapons – Ian McCollum – Instagram

Forgotten Weapons Website

Thank you to Varusteleka for Sponsoring the event! 

TFB Behind the Gun #84: Remembering Finnish Brutality with Ian from Forgotten Weapons

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